This month’s online booking software updates build on some of our favourite Appointedd features, improving them to make them even more useful for you. Let’s see what’s new…

Set maximum spaces per booking

You know how Appointedd lets you create services of multiple occupancy? Well, you now have more control over how your customers book their spaces. Previously, if a group booking had an occupancy of five, a single customer could book all five of those spaces. But what if you want to limit how many spaces your customers can reserve in the booking? Now you can.

This is ideal for events when you want to impose a maximum number of spaces per person, such as for a show or seminar with limited availability.

Custom questions, customizable by service

You already know about our custom questions that let you customize your booking flow, but that’s just the beginning. You can now add custom questions to the booking flow for a specific service, meaning you can offer a wide range of services, all with their own customized booking flow.

Marketing messages at just the right time

The Appointedd marketing suite is now more flexible, allowing you to send your campaigns out any time you like with the ‘send now’ option. All the easier to reach your customers.

To start exploring these and all of our other fantastic features, log in to your Appointedd account or sign up for your free trial.


Published on 2 August 2017