Whether you’ve just signed up for your free trial or you’re fully subscribed and raring to go, you might be asking yourself: What next? Appointedd gives you a whole host of nifty, time-saving features right at your fingertips to boost your appointment scheduling, but it can be difficult to know where to start when first faced with that empty appointment screen.

Never fear. We’ve put together a handy list of ten super quick things you can do to explore the system and find out how it works. Simply follow the step-by-step instructions for each below. Ready, set, go!

1. Create an appointment in your calendar

To add an appointment directly to your calendar, go to your Appointedd appointment screen:

  • Click add, or simply click an empty slot on the calendar
  • Select the category, service, and resource. Edit the price if necessary. Click next
  • Select the date and time of the appointment, if not automatically selected. Click next
  • Enter the customer’s information. Add booking notes for any additional information required for the appointment
  • Click create booking to add the appointment to the calendar

2. Reschedule an appointment

To reschedule an appointment for a different time on the same day, you can simply click on the booking and drag and drop to the desired time. You can also easily move it to a different resource in the same way, or shorten or extend it by hovering over the top or bottom edge of the box and using the arrows.

To reschedule the booking for a different day, click on the appointment. An information box will appear. Click edit info at the bottom of the box. You will now be able edit all of the booking details here.

3. View your bookings as a list

Within Appointedd, you can view your online calendar in daily and weekly formats, and you can also view the bookings in your calendar as an agenda.

To view your bookings as an agenda, click the agenda button on the top left of your calendar. You’ll now be able to see your upcoming appointments as a list.

4. Connect an external calendar to your Appointedd calendar

With Appointedd, you can sync your bookings with any external calendar, including Google, iCal, Microsoft Exchange, and Office 365. You can do this for each staff member with their individual external calendar.

To connect an external calendar, go to your appointment screen:

  • Click on the settings cog and click calendars on the left
  • Next to any staff member, click authorize

Select the calendar you would like to sync with your Appointedd account:

  • Select the account you would like to log in with;
  • Click accept to allow Cronofy to have offline access
  • If you have multiple calendars on that account, select the one that you would like to sync with Appointedd and click on it

5. Add a new member of staff in a different timezone

To add a new staff member, go to your appointment screen:

  • Hover over admin in the top right corner
  • Click resources
  • Click add resource
  • Enter the details of the staff member and click save

Appointedd has unique functionality that lets all staff members operate in their own timezone. To change a staff member’s timezone:

  • Click working hours for the required staff member
  • In the timezone column, click use default next to the day of the week you need to edit
  • The various timezones around the world will pop up: simply select the timezone you require and click save working hours

6. Enable online payments or deposits at the time of booking

To set up payments:

  • Click the settings cog and click payments on the left:
  • Click connect with Stripe
  • Follow the Stripe set up instructions to create a Stripe account
  • Your Stripe status will now say that it is connected

You can edit the payment option at a service level. To do this:

  • Click the admin tab
  • Click services on the right
  • Click edit next to any service and select the payment option as full amount or as a percentage deposit

7. View your percentage occupancy for the whole month

You can view a monthly overview of your business within your Appointedd account. This shows you the number of appointments you have per day across all staff members.

  • Click on the admin tab
  • You will now be able to see percentage occupancy for the current month. To view an alternative month, click on the calendar icon in the top right

(To view more detailed customer, staff, and business reports, go to the admin section and click reports on the right. Here you can find out how many bookings you’ve had, how much revenue has been generated, who your top customers are, and more!)

8. Create a notification to be sent to customers on their birthday

Notifications are ongoing marketing messages and are sent to your customers each day to any customers that meet the criteria for that message, for example a text sent to a customer on their birthday with a promotion.

To create a notification:

  • Click on the marketing tab
  • Select notification from the panel on the right
  • Click add notification
  • Name your marketing notification and give it a description. This will not be seen by your customers, it is just used by you for labelling
  • Select the channel as email or SMS
  • Add filters to your audience by clicking the green + button. The customers in your customer section that match these filters and have the relevant email or mobile number will be included
  • Choose the send date
  • Click next step to continue and edit the content of the notification

9. Block off holiday time in your calendar

You can add holidays/vacations or days off for any staff member by editing their working hours.

To edit the working hours for a staff member:

  • Click on the admin tab
  • Click resources in the panel on the right
  • Click working hours
  • In the days off section, click the empty field box and select the day(s) in the calendar the staff member will have off
  • Click add day off

10. Make and customise a booking app for your website or Facebook page

To access the booking app builder:

  • Click on admin and click booking app
  • Click create new app
  • Select your desired options for the booking app, including whether you want to limit to a specific staff member or service category, the colours, and whether you want to embed the app straight into the webpage or appear as a popover button (so that the app appears as a box over the page when the button is clicked)
  • Click save

You can now add the booking app to your website using the code that has been automatically generated for you. You can get your booking app code at any time by clicking embed code. You can then add this iframe code to your site.

To add the app to your Facebook page instead, simply click the add to Facebook button and follow the simple steps.

And that concludes our whistle-stop tour around Appointedd! For further help with using the Appointedd system, visit our searchable support base.


Published on 10 November 2017