Now that you know how to enable your customers to book direct via Facebook and Instagram, here are five key ways to engage your social media followers and turn them into customers:

1. Casual social media scrollers are lazy

They’re more likely to do what we want them to if it has few steps and requires little time to complete. Each time your potential customer has to tap to a profile, load a browser page or open an app, it’s another step where you could lose them. Minimise one, and get more bookings!

2. Have a clear call to action

Tell your followers exactly what you want them to do, and tell them why they should do it. For example, if you have a new service you’re offering, don’t just announce the service but also tell your followers to tap that ‘book now’ button in your bio to try it! 

3. Test what works best

Every audience has its quirks, for example, are you getting way more Instagram story views than reach on your posts? You can test how engaged that audience is by putting a call to action in both your story and you grid post, and see which works best. You can also test between Facebook and Instagram – on Instagram grid posts, followers have to click the link in your bio, so there’s more steps for them to take. This might mean you’ll get more clicks from Facebook, where you can put a link right into the caption, or on Instagram stories, where you can add a button with a link.

4. Use the tools available to you

Social media platforms evolve every day, and they have a wealth of tools available to business owners. Facebook has everything from a ‘book now’ button to in-app storefronts, so there’s bound to be something for every business model. Make sure you’ve gone through all your options, and are making use of the tools that are relevant to you.

5. Listen to your audience

Social listening is an important tactic to understanding your audience and knowing what they want. Offer opportunities for your audience to engage and share their thoughts with you via questions and polls. Not only will this help you understand your audience better, it’ll drastically improve engagement as well!

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Published on 31 March 2022