Driving instructors understand the importance of managing their time more than most, since it’s literally what they sell (alongside their expertise, of course). So if you’re not already taking advantage of online booking tools to easily keep on top of your appointments, plus attract new business with minimal effort, here are some speedy (but not too speedy) reasons why you probably should.

1. Save time

Teaching is a time-consuming job as it is, and when you combine those hours with the travel involved in driving lessons and working to other people’s schedules, you’re looking at long days indeed. That’s why it’s vital to save yourself time wherever possible.

Online booking turns an (on average) 15-minute phone call to make a booking into a 30-second booking process that’s totally hands-off. Clients schedule their lessons on your website or Facebook page, and they drop right into your calendar. No fuss.

Plus, with Appointedd’s automated confirmations and reminders, as well as a range of other helpful time-saving tools like online payments and automatic invoices, you can cut right down on the after hours admin that eats into your down time.

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2. Steer new business your way

The thing about driving lessons is that a significant majority of your students are likely to be on the younger side. Youths, millennials.. whatever you want to call them, they’re usually tech-savvy and reluctant to make phone calls. With this target customer base in mind, the question is not ‘why get online booking?’ but ‘why wouldn’t you get online booking?’

Setting up your booking tools makes the process of arranging your schedule easier for you as we’ve already said, but it also makes booking lessons so much more convenient for your clients. Nobody wants to be bothered by a call at ten o’ clock trying to book a lesson for the following day, and online booking is open 24/7, meaning you get more bookings and your customers don’t have to impinge on your evenings.

As well as convenience, online booking also gives you a fantastic call-to-action for your marketing efforts that’s proven to convert. So online booking really can drive business!

3. Manage business on the road

Appointedd’s cloud-based system is accessible anywhere, on any device, making it simple to keep on top of your business even when you’re out and about. You can even manage things on your mobile with our very own app for iOS and android, perfect for mobile entrepreneurs who need their calendar at their fingertips. You can even cancel, reschedule, and contact your clients directly from the app.

Published on 9 August 2017