Well, it’s safe to say this week has definitely been up there with one of the best weeks for Team Appointedd! Last night, Appointedd and FreeAgent came together along with lots of small business superstars to celebrate our recent integration! It was so great to be able to engage with so many enthusiastic small business owners who were excited about the potential of what this integration could do for their business.

So, quick recap… What does the integration mean?

Basically, the magic wand that the FreeAgent and Appointedd integration waves frees you from admin. By handling your customer data from booking to reporting in your accountancy package, you are freed up to do more of what you love.

When you first integrate your FreeAgent and Appointedd accounts, your FreeAgent contacts fly seamlessly over to your Appointedd customer database. So, if you have any previous customers on your FreeAgent account who you haven’t heard from in a while, you can now send them a marketing campaign and bring them back!

The magic doesn’t stop there! We automatically turn your time into money and report that to FreeAgent. When your customers book online with you, they can pay you upfront or automatically create an invoice in your FreeAgent account, ready to be sent to the customer or simply filed as ‘paid’! From FreeAgent it can be reported to HMRC – so you don’t have to do any work to keep your records up to date! Pretty sweet, huh?

Here are the fabulous two that made it all happen, Leah Hutcheon and Ed Molyneux, showing the guests at the event how it works!

Want to know what they’re saying? Here are a few words from Leah and Ed…

“I’m so excited to hear how much time we’re saving our customers now that we send all relevant data direct to their accounting package automatically. FreeAgent have been amazing, supporting us from very early in our startup journey. I am so delighted that our tools have been put together to make small business owners’ lives as simple and stress-free as possible” – Leah

“We’re thrilled to be working alongside one of its rising stars Appointedd – and we look forward to seeing the value that our joint integration provides to our small business and freelance customers” – Ed

The event was filled and we even had a waiting list! We were delighted to meet so many lovely people attending the event, and it was great to learn more about the business owners who joined us. We would love to hear what the small business superstars think about the integration and the event last night, so please tweet us your insights using the hashtag #SmallBizInsights – we will also be tweeting there about some of the great conversations we have had around the launch! This was a momentous occasion for everyone involved, and we are really looking forward to the next chapter of Appointedd’s growth!

We would like to say a huuuuge thank you to everyone at FreeAgent for opening up the doors of FreeAgent Towers, and letting us celebrate in their fantastic space. A special thanks to Kevin McCallum and Ed Molyneux for supporting us from the beginning, and to Jennie Stamp, Adrian Mather and Isobel Rigby who made the launch event go with a bang! We are delighted to be working alongside you all to give small businesses and freelancers the best value possible.


Published on 12 February 2015