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Appointedd and Cronofy

The online booking solution with a two-way integration with all major calendar systems

Cronofy allows any developer to interact with their customers’ calendars, no matter which calendar service they’ve chosen or had forced upon them. Our integration with Cronofy allows all Appointedd users to benefit from a two-way sync with their external calendars.

Never be double booked and always have your calendar up-to-date. Appointedd is the only online booking system to offer full calendar synchronization with all major external calendar systems.

Two-way calendar sync to ensure you're on time, every time

Our smart calendar synchronization, courtesy of partners Cronofy, allows Appointedd to power online bookings via a booking microsite or booking widget, while checking availability on both the Appointedd calendar and any external calendar. All resources on the system can have their own calendar authenticated, so they can manage their bookings on the move or without requiring direct access to the Appointedd account.

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Cronofy + Appointedd

Push/pull synchronization between calendars

Export new bookings to external calendars

Modify and cancel bookings in external calendars

Make external calendar events anonymous in Appointedd

Create a new external calendar event in Appointedd

Modify an event and automatically update it in Appointedd

Detect an event deletion, and automatically cancel it in Appointedd

Detect when an external event should be ignored by Appointedd


Implementation is efficient as each user can authorize their own external calendar account with Appointedd. This ensures that the process is secure as no personal passwords are shared and we access external calendars through the oAuth2 protocol.

Instant access across calendars

All events will be shared automatically to the external account connected with a resource’s profile. On initial synchronization of an external calendar all future events for the next 200 days are instantly synchronized into Appointedd. When a booking is created, modified, or cancelled, it is instantly exported to the relevant external calendar. This channel notifies Appointedd every time a change occurs and then Appointedd syncs these changes to keep the availability up to date.