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Appointedd makes inventory management simple and straightforward, enabling you to automatically assign assets to the right bookings and avoid being caught short on rooms, equipment, and other facilities.

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Assign assets automatically
Appointedd's inventory management enables you to match your assets to services so they are automatically reserved at the time of booking.
Don’t double book
Each asset has a set quantity so that availability matches your inventory in real-time, avoiding double bookings of equipment and rooms.
Inventory management with ease
Create assets that are relevant to your business, assign inventory quantity, remove assets from bookings, and get an overview of booked assets from your calendar.

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Create your own custom assets

Assets are anything your business uses in relation to a bookable service, such as a room or specific equipment, and can be easily created within your account. Assets are custom to your business and are named by you to ensure they are relevant to your services and identifiable for you and your team.

Set a quantity for each asset to match your inventory and assign it to the services that it is used for. 

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Simplify inventory management

Appointedd automatically reserves assets for bookings based on the services they have been assigned to – for example if a customer books a massage with you, then a treatment room will also be booked automatically.

Our inventory management software reduces manual admin and organization of rooms and facilities, and makes it easy to see how and when your assets are being used across your business. Assets can be viewed in bookings via your calendar, and can also be removed from a booking with one click if no longer required.

Eliminate double bookings

Make your inventory management reliable, accurate, and up to date with Appointedd and avoid the hassle and inconvenience of a double booking. Our asset management feature ensures that the number of assets booked at any one time matches the number of assets you actually have – so even if you have four available therapists but only three treatment rooms, you can’t be booked for space or equipment you don’t have.

Appointedd works to streamline the booking process for you so you can focus on delivering an excellent customer experience. 

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Optimize your available assets

Appointedd empowers you to use the assets you have to offer a range of booked services to your customers, clients, and teams. Effective management enables you to see where assets are being used most and if you have any assets that could be utilized for additional services and events.

Whether it’s for the workplace, your store, or salon, our software to manage inventory optimizes your available assets, allowing you to drive productivity, take more bookings, and generate revenue. 

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