Retail online booking system for personalized and profitable engagements with your customers

Transform your in-store service offerings into bookable experiences

As experiential retail continues to flourish and dicitate high street success, retailers are using online booking technology to drive footfall, elevate their in-store experiences and create meaningful customer engagements to generate business growth.

Use cases
Online booking for fashion retailers
Online booking for malls
online booking for retail, jewellery
Online booking for jewellers

Increase footfall to stores

Appointedd helps drive in-store footfall by converting online browsers into engaged in-store shoppers. Our online appointment booking widgets allow you to take 24/7 appointments for in-store experiences. By providing valuable consumer data, staff can offer a personal and meaningful experience to customers, creating further sales opportunities, increasing dwell time, and promoting brand loyalty.

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Nurture customer loyalty

Appointedd’s marketing tools provide the ability to reach out to existing customers according to past interactions, demographic, or their current stage of the customer journey. Once a customer has attended an appointment, details including the number of previous visits, historic purchases and even customer’s shopping preferences are stored for use with SMS and email marketing, or as an aid for in-store staff to deliver a truly personalized experience.

Increase revenue per customer

Convert more online traffic into scheduled in-store appointments with a proven call to action. Offer bookable personal shopping, fittings, private consultations and more. Increase customer engagement with your brand and allow sales associates to easily upsell and cross-sell, resulting in a higher average spend per customer.

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Transform your customer engagement with cutting-edge online booking technology

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Deliver superior service

With Appointedd’s automated marketing tools, customers can receive triggered notifications based on information such as number of bookings, or events such as their birthday. Highly personalized marketing messages can be sent to customers to encourage them to return, increasing footfall to stores.

Streamline operations across locations

Appointedd’s scalable model allows you to manage multiple locations from a single hub. With a choice of user permission levels and individual resource calendars, your associates can easily keep on top of their daily appointments while management has a complete overview of productivity.

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Reliable, evergreen technology

Appointedd works with some of the biggest retailers in the world to deliver progressive service offerings. Our security credentials are best in class, and our customer support has been called outstanding by our customers. Our scalable model has always been cloud-based and evergreen to keep you up to date and, with our API, Appointedd plugs seamlessly into your existing technology stack to help you future-proof your business.

What can you do with Appointedd?
Build customer loyalty with improved service and highly tailored experiences
Drive footfall to physical stores with quick, convenient online booking for in-store services
Personalize the customer journey with essential customer information stored in the CRM suite
Reduce costs and grow revenue by improving efficiency of sales and increasing revenue per customer
Differentiate the brand from competitors with advanced, progressive online tools
Influence buying habits and create more opportunities to sell by increasing engagement