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Reduce No Shows and Cancellations Automate Email & SMS Confirmations

The number of customers cancelling appointments is on the increase and the notice that customers are giving has gone down. It is not uncommon for customers to give just 30 minutes warning, or not show up at all, leaving you with an appointment you can’t fill.

sms_confirmations.svgSMS & Email Confirmations

When your customers book with you through Appointedd, they receive a text or email confirmation straight away. This includes even those customers who book over the phone or in person.

You can customize the content of these confirmations to your requirements so there’s never any confusion.

page-1.pngThe *beep* that says it’s time for your appointment

Why not set automatic reminders for your customers, give them a gentle nudge when their booking is coming up? They will receive an email or a text message reminder containing the details of the booking in advance of their appointment. You can customise the content of these reminders and how far in advance the reminder should be sent - from two weeks before to one hour before!

Our clients tell us this can reduce no shows by up to 90%.

Your time is the most valuable product you sell. Make sure you make the most of it with Appointedd.


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