You know how important digital transformation is and you want to keep your business competitive and up to date with the latest booking tools and technology.

Systems that have their own codebase can be attractive because of the customised elements that make them tailored to the needs of an individual business. But what seems like an advantage when the software is shiny and new can turn into an obstacle when the technology moves on but your system doesn’t. These systems can quickly become obsolete, requiring time-consuming and costly updates to transition to the latest version.

So what’s the answer? Have you thought about going evergreen?

What is evergreen software?

Evergreen is a term used in software that broadly speaking refers to something that is self-updating. Many browsers are now evergreen, meaning that they automatically update themselves when new features and fixes become available. The operating system Windows 10 is also evergreen, in the sense that there will be no new versions that must be bought and installed, but rather the existing system will be updated as and when it is required.

Appointedd is also an example of evergreen software. The system is not wrapped up and delivered as a standalone parcel to every business that buys it; it is universal, so every user always has access to the newest features at no extra cost.

Because of this, Appointedd has become known as incredibly flexible and full-featured scheduling software that can be configured to suit a wide variety of business types, models, and sizes. You know when you create your Appointedd account that you will get the latest updates as soon as they’re released, meaning you don’t have to worry about having to replace or update your system in a year’s time at huge expense. It also means you can feel confident that you’ll always have technology as advanced and progressive as you had when you first signed up.

You can learn more about Appointedd’s features here, or start a free trial to see our evergreen online booking system in action!


Published on 29 November 2017