You can now integrate Appointedd with hundereds of other online tools using webhooks. A webhook is a type of notification that is sent from Appointedd when certain events occur. These notifications are then used by other tools to perform further actions. For example, Appointedd can send a notification for each new booking that is created to be used by other applications to update a customer record, add the customer’s email to a marketing list, or do almost anything else you can think of!

How do Webhooks work?

Webhooks can be configured to trigger when a booking or customer is created, updated, or deleted within Appointedd. When one of these events occurs, data about the event is sent to a chosen Webhook URL. Data is sent in JSON format via a HTTP POST request. You can use this data to trigger actions within other tools and applications.

What can I use Webhooks for?

Developers can consume this data into their applications, and use it however they like to extend the functionality of their Appointedd system. Non-developers can use tools like Zapier to quickly connect Appointedd with hundreds of other tools. By using Appointedd Webhooks with Zapier, bookings can add customers to GoToWebinar registrations, post information about this bookings to Slack, or simply add information about bookings into a spreadsheet.

Stay tuned for future updates on using Webhooks.

Webhooks are an advanced feature. If in doubt, speak to your development or IT teams to get started. Please note that we cannot troubleshoot your webhook integrations or give comprehensive support on this feature.

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Published on 26 October 2016