Imagine booking something online and not immediately receiving a confirmation email. You wouldn’t be alone in thinking “Hold on, did that booking just go through? Did I just get scammed?”. Customer reassurance is a must for every business and it’s incredibly easy with Appointedd. Our technology triggers automated confirmation emails at the time of booking, and from the first booking, Appointedd will help you excite customers, increase revenue and encourage repeat bookings. That’s why we’re sharing 5 tips to improve your confirmation emails and drive customer loyalty.

1. Let your personality shine through

Whilst your confirmation emails will be automated, they certainly shouldn’t feel robotic. No matter the size of your business or what you provide your customers, you have the opportunity to build a real personal connection with them, and your confirmation email is a great opportunity to let that brand personality shine through. Think smart casual, but for your copy, it is almost always received very well. Don’t hide your excitement for their booking or your natural humour, all of these idiosyncrasies communicate just how human your brand is. 

2. Recommend other best sellers 

A confirmation email has the highest opening rates of any email communications at 65%, with a staggering 64% of customers believing that confirmation emails are the most important email they receive. Therefore we have the perfect opportunity to recommend similar offerings they may be interested in. There is a reason that recommendations account for 31% of e-commerce revenue, because customers are already interested, they just need the nudge to consider how else you can solve their problems. Suggesting your other popular services, not only tells your new customer that you have a great number of other satisfied customers but highlights that you are in demand. 

3. Get social 

Turn your customers into social media followers! Encouraging new bookings to follow you on social media means you have multiple touch points to communicate your amazing services for longer. No need for overkill but your social media icons and a suggestion of the benefits of following you, for example, early access to new offerings, or access to discounts does the trick.

4. Detail next steps 

You want to ensure those booking with you know exactly what’s happening next. When to turn up, what to bring or prepare, even down to other emails they will receive from you before their appointment. Clearing any donut from your customers mind is a fantastic way of ensuring them that you have everything under control, and they have nothing to worry about. By communicating transparency, you convey yourself as the true expert that you are. 

5. Encourage referrals 

Confirmation emails may feel like they are written “for-your-eyes-only” but we have to remember that every individual that books with you is a gatekeeper to their wider sphere of influence. Providing a referral discount code not only encourages repeat business but also introduces your offerings to a new audience. We have the opportunity to harness electronic word of mouth to boost the lifetime value of your clients by 16%. With 92% of consumers trusting suggestions from friends and family more than advertising, it is possible to supercharge your marketing with a simple referral offering. If you would like to learn more about how to offer discounts to individuals, read our support article

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Published on 27 May 2021