Regulations are lifting, Covid-19 case numbers are decreasing and across the globe enthusiasm for our vaccine shaped ticket out of this pandemic is spreading. But does anyone feel like we are “back to normal”? Does anyone really remember what normal is? We are entering an exciting time within human existence where the entire global population has the opportunity to rediscover and define what normal means. What will it look like for your business?

The problem is whilst we love to moan about Zoom fatigue, colleagues obnoxiously not going on mute when someone is talking, colleagues not turning off mute when they are talking, team mates munching away through a meeting, we can’t help but appreciate the benefits of virtual communication.

Apart from solving the glaringly obvious problem of not being able to communicate in person, video conferencing is also thought to improve efficiency, increase productivity and saves money and time. And don’t forget, you can also wear pyjama bottoms and your team mates be none the wiser. All of which are hard pros to fight against, no matter how much you are tired of tidying your background before rushing onto a call.

If you search the internet, look at your phone or turn on your TV you will undoubtedly be faced with another opinion on what the future of work and what business operations will look like. However the societal shift in mindset, and how this influences the way customers want to engage with the new norm is the secret to being successful in a post pandemic world. Here at Appointedd we have seen businesses of all sizes transform their services into virtual experiences, and it would be an understatement to say we’re impressed. Using our integration with Zoom Meetings and Webinars and our newest integration with Microsoft Teams, our clients have been running virtual drama performances, Zumba classes, photography courses, personal shopping experiences, and meetings with clients. I mean, even Santa in his Grotto showed up for families to book a virtual visit over Christmas. So the question remains, is virtual here to stay?

Image courtesy of Microsoft Teams Blog

We don’t claim to have all the answers but industry leaders certainly seem to suggest the customer experiences they can curate and the commercial advantage it has the potential to provide means they aren’t waiting to find out and are driving this transformation forward.

Sarah Kemp who is the Senior Business Improvement Manager for Frasers Group said:

“It’s clear we are moving from the transactional to the experiential, and the pandemic has fast tracked us. Appointedd has been a really useful tool to allow us to double down on that experiential investment. And that’s what we’re going to continue to do”.

So is there an opportunity to not only reap the benefits of increased efficiency, productivity and expenditure but to curate streamlined and personalised experiences for your customers and clients? No one is saying everything should be virtual 100% of the time, and fingers crossed it won’t be!! But we can continue using virtual conferencing and online booking to offer customers and clients the flexibility they not only deserve, but will demand in this new world. And you will be able to continue the efficiencies of virtual conferencing whilst enjoying increased freedom to engage in person when it makes more sense to.

Published on 27 May 2021