Wishing you a wonderful holiday season, and we’ll see you next year

Two thoughts for the holidays.

The first is that every year seems like it’s going faster than the last. Time flies. If we weren’t the people you rely on to manage your schedule, we’d say we were struggling to keep track of it.

Luckily, we are those people. And that brings us to thought number two: People.

The holidays always make us think of the people that are important to us. Whether it’s our family, our friends, the people we work with, or that person who chased us halfway down the street in a mad rush only to surprise us by returning the money we hadn’t realized we’d dropped.

The holidays have a way of making us reflect. Of bringing what’s important into sharper focus.

That’s why we wanted to take the time to reach out and say thank you. Because nobody is more important to Appointedd than you.

Whether you joined us this year, this minute, or you haven’t joined yet but think one day you might (you should, and welcome), we wanted to thank you for being with us.

You may be reading this while enjoying some well-deserved time off. Equally, you might be in a business where things are just now starting to get hectic.

Either way, we hope we’ve helped you steal back some time this year. To spend doing what you love, or doing nothing at all.

Wishing you a safe, happy holiday season. See you next year.


Team Appointedd


Published on 20 December 2019