Please tell us your name and how long you’ve been in the team

My name is Tom, I’ve been at Appointedd for coming up on 2 1/2 years.

Tell us a little bit about you?

From Dundee originally, got started in the life sciences, studying Chemistry at Edinburgh. Briefly did some work as an analytical scientist doing Mass Spectrometry, but got itchy feet and moved into science education as it was more fun ??. Wasn’t settled in teaching so ditched Chemistry altogether and retrained as a software engineer through Codeclan.

I pretty much fit every nerdy trope you can think of. Love Star Trek, circuit boards and hacking. When not indulging my inner nerd I also love camping, cycling, playing with my dog and DIY.

What is your role at Appointed?

Full stack software engineer. I’ll either be squashing bugs or working on our latest feature (trying not to put too many bugs back in ?).

What does that involve, day to day?

Typically I’ll log on, review some code from the other devs and check slack. A wee pre-standup with my squad to say good morning. Then standup proper with the devs rolls around so I’ll go over my plan for that day briefly and listen to the other devs in turn.

Once any blockers are unblocked, grab another cup of coffee, put on some synthwave and start coding/debugging/triaging.

Your favourite Appointedd moment?

Launching our first Zoom integration, it was my first big project and in those days we didn’t have squads, so it was a mostly solo piece of work. Watching all those bookings getting created with Zoom meetings whizzing by in the logs made me feel super proud ?

One thing you’d love to book?

Wouldn’t say no to a cheeky trip to space.

Published on 1 September 2021