Being on top of your social media is tough work and all of your great content on Facebook will be attracting a whole new audience that you can capture. This blog post gives you Appointedd’s 5 top tips to turning social traffic into a full appointment book.

1. Use a booking widget on your Facebook page

People’s attention span online is very short, so you need to capture their engagement with your content and then quickly convert that engagement into a booking. Booking widgets allow your customers to make bookings directly on your Facebook page. This means they are not redirected to another page which they might click away from . You can also reorder your tabs on your Facebook page so that online booking is front and centre.


2. Create a Call-to-action on your Facebook page

With the new Facebook call-to-action buttons you can grab your audience’s attention right at the top of your Facebook page. You can use this button to direct your audience to your dedicated booking page to view a list of your services and book online with you. The call to action button and the Appointedd microsites is totally mobile friendly so you can capture people on the move too! Check out this guide to creating your own call-to-action.

Thalgo_Beauty_Booking_Call_to_Action_2-1.jpg3. Pin a post to the top of your page

Don’t underestimate the power of a simple post. Let your audience know that they can book online with a link to your booking microsite or your own website with your booking tools…


We recommend that you pin this post to the top of the page so that it does not get pushed down the page over time and is front and centre for mobile customers.

4. Promote posts on your Facebook page

Grow your audience by boosting your post to get new customers. Check out this guide on boosting posts. We recommend that you make sure to note your Facebook page insight section and the type of customer that is booking online with you. You can then target this audience with your promoted post. Don’t forget to include a link to book online with you in the post!


5. Use the Appointedd Marketing tools

When a customer books online with you all of their customer details are stored for you in the customer section of your Appointedd account. You can then use the automated SMS and email campaigns. These campaigns can include a link back to your Facebook page to book with you again to get repeat bookings and build up a loyal customer base!


Other top tips for capturing bookings

Always getting missed calls? – Don’t miss bookings!

Record your voicemail with a note to your clients that if they would like to book with you they can do so and the URL they can visit to do so.


Published on 19 November 2015