OK, we would say this, but we think our nifty online booking apps are seriously great, and so do our customers. Here are our top six reasons why we think they’re pretty special.

1. They’re versatile

The beauty of an Appointedd booking app is that they can be placed almost anywhere – on your website, even on your very own mobile app. With an embed option and a popover version, they make it simple to boost conversion across your online presence, and even make a fantastic call to action for email and SMS communications.

2. They’re customisable

Aside from being so easy to match with your brand, the booking flow for your apps can be easily tailored to your business and the services you offer with custom questions, resource selection, payment options, and more. The flexibility of the Appointedd booking apps means they can be configured just how you want them.

3. They’re simple

If there’s one thing we’re always striving for, it’s to make online booking and everything around it as simple as possible. The booking apps are designed to make booking with your business fast and seamless, with clear steps and no unnecessary redirections.

4. They make your life easier

With an Appointedd booking app, the 15 minutes it takes to make a booking with a customer over the phone is reduced to just 30 seconds. Not only that, but with automated confirmations and reminders, there’s nothing for you to do except be there for the appointment. That clever little booking app takes care of everything.

5. They help you hone your marketing

With Appointedd’s clever reports, you can see which booking apps are bringing in the most bookings so you can harness the insights to improve your marketing or website conversion rates.

6. They make your customers happy

The fact is, customers love online booking, and for good reason. It’s convenient, fast, and they can do it from anywhere, at any time. So one of the biggest reasons we love the Appointedd booking app is that it helps you build your customer base, cultivate loyalty, and grow your business.

The best way to see for yourself what’s so special about our booking apps is to start your free trial and make one of your very own. It’s so quick and easy, you could be taking bookings in minutes.


Published on 28 July 2017