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Appointedd's annual data report 2024 now live   Download now

Appointedd's Annual Data Report

Deep dive insights to drive success in 2024 and beyond with our Annual Data Report.


A message from our CEO and Founder

“The Data Insights provided by the Appointedd platform are pivotal for our customers, and play a key role in shaping our business strategy. Appointedd’s Annual Data Report represents a curated view of valuable data, enabling organisations to plan, streamline, and grasp vital intricacies of their business operations. We can’t wait to support you in utilising this report to help deliver elevated customer experiences in 2024 and beyond.” 

Leah Hutcheon

CEO and Founder

A sneak peak

Packed with valuable data and actionable insights, this comprehensive report offers a curated view of key booking trends and strategic recommendations, empowering organisations to make informed decisions and drive growth.

Some insightful statistics

  • Overall, 21% of bookings were made outside of business hours
  • Saturday was the most popular day for bookings to take place, closely followed by Friday and Thursday
  • Since introducing our booking tools, businesses saw a 67% reduction in no-shows
  • 70% of our client’s customers prefer to book their own appointments

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