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Peppy Health

Peppy Health is a premium healthcare company that specialises in menopause, fertility, pregnancy, and early parenthood. Dealing with such sensitive topics is a challenge that Peppy Health take on by offering users a 1:1 video call that focuses on the individual, as well as a more anonymized chat box.

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Key results

3 years

Using Appointedd to power Peppy Health appointments


Bookings being made at all hours of the day


Increase in appointment bookings from one year to the next


Increase in Appointedd resources in 2022, to cope with demand

Why Appointedd?

Peppy Health chose Appointedd as their booking system of choice because the software allows them to create the individualized experience their patients need from one central place. Appointedd’s evergreen product approach means Peppy Health get access to every new feature release without an additional fee, empowering them to scale and grow — and they have.

Why now?

As Peppy Health continues to grow, it can scale with Appointedd. Over the two years that Peppy Health have used Appointedd, the company has grown and its needs have changed. With Appointedd, they have access to 24/7 support and 1:1 calls with the Product Solutions team to ensure that they can easily start using some Appointedd features they hadn’t used before.

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