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The simple scheduling solution for department stores

Appointedd’s whitelabelled software allows department stores to manage all of their schedule needs in one software. It easily connects with external calendars, and the front facing widgets are customizable, out of the box, and easy to embed on your site without needing API.

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Appointedd is proud to power

Many department stores are already rolling Appointedd out across their growing locations.

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Increase efficiency across your stores

Full scale service

Cut out all admin work, and just focus on offering your customers an enjoyable experience.


Prepare ahead of time for seasonal events, and feel ready instead of overwhelmed.

Integrations with video providers

Take your in-person experience online with our various video providers. Offer virtual masterclasses, online 1:1 personal shopping, and create the omnichannel customer offering that trends show consumers want.

Automatic and dynamic communications

Your customers will receive automated confirmations, reminders, and follow ups bespoke to the appointment they’ve scheduled. You can also recommend other relevant events that the user might be interested in at the appropriate time, send relevant promo codes, and more.

Data driven strategies

Appointedd’s enterprise clients receive quarterly data reviews with their Account Manager to review trends and industry insights. Clients can also create detailed reports of everything scheduled in Appointedd as often as they like, so you can plan a strategy that’s informed by customer behaviour.

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Proven results

7 seconds

Customers can confirm a booking within an average of 7 seconds - no admin needed.


One national retailer increased their average basket value by over 300% when they offered both digital and in-store experiences.


Harrods filled an average of 85% of all spaces offered for all events across their locations

Appointedd is the one size fits all solution for department stores

Scheduling events and appointments

Department stores like Harrods use Appointedd to book customer experiences online and in-store. Everything  from personal shopping, to events like virtual masterclasses is managed using Appointedd.

Streamlining operations

Large department stores with many retailers within them have complex operational needs. McArthur Glen use Appointedd to book delivery time slots for the shops within their department stores. The St James Quarter use Appointedd for car valet, stroller rentals, and the booking of any support related to accessibility.

Internal training

Appointedd is also often used for internal training. As team members have their calendars synced, it’s a natural next step to use Appointedd for internal ops like training as well! SpaceNK use Appointedd to book their staff’s brand training.

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Some things you might want to know include:

  • Appointedd doesn’t charge extra per feature
  • Appointedd doesn’t charge extra per booking, you’ll get unlimited bookings
  • Appointedd is integrated with Zapier, making it easy to connect to over a thousand other tools, it will likely be compatible with what you currently use

All that being said, we’d love to hear from you! Please submit the form with as much detail as you can provide, and one of our Client Partners will be in touch.


Read our case studies to find out more

See how Appointedd works in action for a wide variety of retailers. These are just a handful of our case studies, you can find more on our case studies page here.