Gain crucial business insight with our powerful reporting

Appointedd’s business reports are filterable and exportable, making it simple to monitor engagment

With Appointedd’s report suite you can view everything from your top customers, to generated revenue, to total duration of bookings, and much more. Filter results to give you just the information you need.

All the information you need

View vital KPIs such as occupancy, productivity, revenue, and cancellations within your business reports. You can also review individual resource activity and reports on specific services, allowing you to keep your finger on the pulse of your whole business.

Your marketing team can gain insights into how visitors are interacting with and browsing the company website with reports on booking sources, allowing you to see stats on which booking widgets in which locations – such as website, microsite, or even social media – attract the most engagement. Learn where to focus marketing resources to maximize conversion, and compare online and offline bookings for a holistic measure of cross-channel interactions.

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Filter for precision

All Appointedd reports can be can be generated for the current day, week, month, year, or a custom date range of your own selection. Also filter by resource, service, and source to closely assess productivity and conversion.

Export and download

All Appointedd reports are exportable as CSV files, so that you can download, print, and store as necessary. The custom date range selection means you can access the archives of your reports at any time. Appointedd’s powerful report exports make it simple to engage in board level analysis.

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