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Appointedd gives you the power to view and filter the data you need to better understand your business reports, and drive revenue through the right resources. View top customers, generated revenue, cancellations, and so much more.

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Filter the data you need
Find the information you need quickly and easily when you filter your reports by date, service, resource, or source.
Track staff KPIs with ease
View a range of KPIs for individual staff members to help monitor performance: total bookings, cancellation rate, revenue generated, and duration of bookings.
Boost your booking tools
Use Appointedd’s widget reports to help increase user engagement and conversion based on their performance on your site.
Export CSV reports
All Appointedd reports are exportable as CSV files, so that you can download, print, and store as necessary. Access the archives of your reports at any time.
Effective marketing strategies
Learn where to focus marketing resources to maximize conversion and improve results based on top customers, cancellation rates, and services booked.

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Powerful reporting software

Appointedd equips your business with powerful reporting that gives you the insight you need to manage your business and team for optimal results. View important booking reports for occupancy, productivity, revenue, cancellations, and so much more.

Filter by date range, resource, booking, and service for an overview of select areas of your business. Appointedd enables you to access all your information in one central place, and all reports are exportable as CSV files for you to download as and when you need to. 

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Harness your data to drive revenue

Drive revenue with your data! Utilize your Appointedd reporting features to view and analyze revenue data for your business. Reports for specific services, resources, and timeframes will help you gain a better understanding of where and when your revenue is being generated.

You can even see how your booking widgets are performing so you know which channels are receiving the highest engagement, and where to direct your customers. Appointedd empowers you to identify and optimize your successes for maximum conversion and consistent revenue streams.

Monitor team performance at a glance

Track vital KPIs easily to monitor your team’s performance – directly from your Appointedd account. Find all the information you need in your reports to get an overview of your staff bookings, revenue, and cancellation rates. Filter by individual resource (team member) to see how they are performing in line with business and individual targets, whether daily, weekly, or monthly.

Appointedd generates reports based on bookings created, or bookings occurring within your chosen timeframe, for more accurate results your business can use.

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Practical business insights

Top customers, total duration of bookings, cancellation rates, and more – our automated reports give you a simple and stress-free way of viewing and managing your data, so you can see where to focus business resources for the results you want.

Appointedd reports provide you with practical insights you can use to make smarter decisions for a future-proofed business. Our reporting model is also scalable for growing and enterprise businesses, with the ability to support your business’s needs, whatever they may be. 

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