Automated email to streamline admin

Take the pressure off your team with automated, scheduled emails

Appointedd allows you to create email campaigns and automated notifications from within your account, so you can communicate with your customers quickly and efficiently

Triggered email notifications

As well as the automated confirmations and reminders, Appointedd allows you to create personalized emails to be triggered by events in the customer journey.

The emails are sent automatically as soon as a customer matches the criteria, so you can keep in contact at just the right touchpoints for the biggest impact.

Appointedd Online Calendar CRM Automated Email Notifications

Email campaigns

Within the Appointedd communications suite you can also create scheduled email campaigns. The emails can be sent to segmented portions of your contact lists to make them as targeted as possible.

Direct communications

As well as Appointedd’s automated comms, you can contact any customer directly from their profile or a booking. Send emails or SMS in seconds and contact individual customers or an entire group booking with no need to look them up in your database.

Appointedd Online Booking App Direct Messages