With three quarters of the year nearly done (I know, I’m shocked too) ‘spring cleaning’ might seem like a strange thing to be thinking about. But given the importance and potential of the final portion of the year, we think September is the perfect time to sweep out the cobwebs and manage your business.

Why? Well, September sees us all settling back into normality after the slight weirdness of summer and the silly season. Plus, it’s a period of relative calm before the intensity of the holiday season rushes us quickly towards the end of the year. So grab a broom and some woodland animals, because we’re going all Snow White.

1. Review your online presence

If it’s been a while since you did a full audit of your company website, now is the ideal time. Even if everything was ship-shape the last time you checked, things have a way of becoming unlinked, unresponsive, and generally broken. So take some time to go through every page, checking links and important areas like your home page and contact page in particular. It’s likely that in the process you’ll spot things that need to be updated and changed too, and probably come up with a few potential improvements (like adding online booking, perhaps?) While you’re at it, pass an eye over your social media accounts and make sure things like your profile pictures, contact details, and descriptions are all up to date. You’ll thank yourself when the busy season arrives and you’re getting more traffic to those places.

2. Get your books on the money

While sitting down to do some accounting might not sound like the most fun you can have, this is less about keeping on top of your finances (which we’re sure you do anyway) and more about looking at your system holistically. If you find your money matters a huge chore then it might be time to invest in an accounting tool that will take the hard work out of it. There are many excellent, popular tools available for this: Xero, Quickbooks, Sage, and FreeAgent to name a few (not to mention, Appointedd integrates with all of them).

3. Gather some useful feedback

While everyone’s got a bit of breathing space (customers included: hello back to school season) why not take the opportunity to put together a survey to get some feedback on what’s working and what’s not. Doing this now gives you time to address at least some of the improvements before things ramp up, and could mean a more successful next quarter.

4. Look ahead

It wouldn’t be much of a spring clean if everything just slipped back to how it was immediately afterwards, so set aside time in the calendar now to check up on any changes you’ve made and assess how things are going. Plus, now is the time to make at least a rough plan for how the next few months are going to pan out, including timelines for important tasks like your Christmas marketing or preparing for a new year slump.

Go forth and buff your business until you can see your face in it.


Published on 31 August 2017