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Secure a safe return to office with Appointedd. Our scheduling software equips you with flexible office management, contact tracing solutions, and reliable room and desk bookings.

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Safe and secure workplaces
Make the office a safe place to return to with online scheduling that helps to manage capacity, sanitization buffers, and track and record employee arrivals.
Self-scheduling options
Create your own virtual front desk. Enable visitors to book an available time slot online - for interviews, training, ad hoc staff, and more.
Save time with automated scheduling
Automated online scheduling does the work for you, creating calendar entries and sending communications automatically - save up to 8 hours on manual scheduling.
Flexible solutions for everyone
Appointedd provides solutions for both your remote and office-based workers, with our native Zoom integration that keeps everyone connected.
Security-first software
We prioritize the security of our software to ensure your data remains compliant with the most stringent security requirements, including the GDPR and ISO 27001.

Businesses that love Appointedd

Our meeting room utilization has increased by 34% since starting to use Appointedd. We might need to find some more meeting rooms to handle all of the extra bookings!

Andy Gillen – Managing Director

Hudson House Business Centre

We use the system in a slightly different way to other businesses, which shows how flexible and user friendly Appointedd is.

Douglas Farquhar – General Manager

Falkirk Business Hub

Appointedd understand our industry and have developed a solution that is closely aligned with the requirements of flexible workspace operators.

Frank Cottle – Founder

Alliance Business Centers

Free 14 day trial. Instant access and no credit card required.

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Safe workplace management

Appointedd equips your office with flexible, covid-secure options and easy capacity management so your workers can return to the office confidently. Simply set a maximum capacity that will ensure social distancing in the office, and empower your employees to minimize contact with each other.

Our online scheduling software can also stagger arrival times, to avoid unnecessary contact between employees. Take control of pinch points like elevators, entrances, and exits with automatic buffers before and after each bookable time slot.

Booking Widget And Appointment Software
Square Payments And Point Of Sales Section in Appointedd Online Booking Software

Track and trace compliantly

Appoinetdd’s powerful CRM and reporting suite gives you a complete digital audit trail of your bookings, customer profiles, cancellation rates, and communications. For every booking made, Appointedd keeps a record of that booking schedule and the employees or users associated with it.

Should you be required to carry out a track and trace search, you will be able to efficiently identify and contact relevant employees. Appointedd uses automated, secure data backups and we comply with international security standards. 

A complete office overview

Get an overview of your office at a glance with Appointedd – our user-friendly calendar view enables you to view capacity, desk and room bookings, and scheduled meetings for the day or week ahead.

You can also filter by room, or other resource, to view it’s upcoming availability. Bookings made through your Appointedd scheduling software are automatically added to your calendar, so the schedule you see is always up to date with real-time availability displayed. 

Multilocation Scheduling

Free 14 day trial. Instant access and no credit card required.

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Mobile Booking App

Online visibility 24/7

Make your workplace visible online, so your employees and visitors can view capacity availability and book a space or time slot at their own convenience – 24/7. Your booking tools will display real-time availability, meaning new bookings will only be made if your office has the safe capacity to allow them.

Appointedd also acts as your virtual receptionist, enabling visiting staff or interviewees to self-schedule their appointment online, with booking confirmations and reminders automated to save you even more time on admin!

Stay connected in and out of the office

Stay connected with remote workers as you begin your phased return back to full office capacity. While some of your employees will still be flexibly working from home, or in and out of the office, Appointedd’s native Zoom integration will ensure everyone stays connected.

Virtual meetings are made easy with automated Zoom links generated for every meeting or event scheduled. Links are then automatically communicated to all attendees and can be accessed from your Appointedd schedule, or synced calendar.

Virtual Meetings Appointment Scheduling App
Virtual Consultation

Prioritize a safe setup

Appointedd can deliver a safe office solution when you need it most with implementation available on a short notice.

Our product experts are always available to assist with questions about how Appointedd can work for you and to help with setup should you need it.

Our flexible payment plans allow you to pay either monthly or annually and we never ask you to commit to a contract – cancel anytime!