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Appointedd's Capacity Flex for workplace management

Capacity calculator

As lockdown eases, workplace managers are faced with the need to re-open safely and comply with government guidelines around social distancing. To enable you to react quickly, Appointedd created a suite of workplace-specific tools. Automate your workplace management, while continuing to give great experience to your employees and colleagues.

Transforming the challenges of COVID-19 into business benefits, Appointedd’s scheduling software is driving safe management of the workplace. All while enabling you to flex as social distancing legislation changes.

To use the calculator, just enter some basic details, and we’ll calculate your store's maximum capacity as per current government guidelines

Current guidelines allow up to:

{[ dayAppointments() | number:0 ]} visitors at a time

Appointedd's Capacity Flex highlights:

  • Calculate capacity based on the size of your workplace
  • Set your overall capacity in Appointedd's software
  • Easily comply with government regulations around social distancing
  • Be in a position to react quickly, should regulations get updated
  • Use the rest of Appointedd's tech stack to enable queue-less entry, book visitors slots, host virtual events, communicate with your team, take payments, and more

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