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Choosing the right technology partner is important, so why should you choose Appointedd to power your bookings?

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Accessible and customizable

Every part of your Appointedd system is easily edited by you – including services and booking app customization – whenever required. You have the freedom to update your own bookable services, staff members, booking flow, and branding at any time. With full autonomy to update your own booking apps, your system is fully scalable with no unnecessary development work from us.

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A beautiful interface

Appointedd has a sleek, user-friendly UI, so new users can learn to utilize the system quickly and easily with little to no training. The back office calendar has an intuitive navigation system that streamlines admin and booking management, while booking tools guide customers through the booking flow with the minimum number of clicks to maximize ease and reduce drop-off.

Evergreen software

Unlike some other online booking platforms, Appointedd never charges for software maintenance or updates to features and functionality. Our evergreen model ensures that the latest enhancements are available to all users immediately on release, with no costly or time-consuming upgrades.

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A global solution

Appointedd’s online booking tools are a comprehensive solution to connecting with an international client base or managing teams across locations. Our multi-timezone scheduling functionality is the first of its kind and allows for seamless booking across the globe with no timezone math, while our multi-language booking apps make your services accessible and inclusive for customers with varying native languages. We automatically handle any timezone conversion based on the user’s location, so the user doesn’t have to worry about it when they make the booking.

Online booking is what we do

We are experts in online booking and this is where our energy is focused. We aim to offer the best solution possible and are constantly striving to make powerful and empowering improvements to our core system. Every improvement we make comes directly from listening to our customers and their needs to keep our solution responsive and pre-emptive. We use the Appointedd system ourselves and know it inside and out, so you can rest assured you’re in expert hands.

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Fast, seamless implementation

Appointedd is easy to implement, easy to configure, and easy for your staff to adopt. The technology on which the system is built is fully agile, feature-rich, innovative, and intuitive, so that the out-of-the-box product is flexible and easily configured to suit a wide range of use cases. By working with your teams to ensure smooth implementation from start to finish, and integrating our solution with any existing systems your business wants to maintain, there is little to no impact on your business operations or change management – just improved productivity and efficiency.

Dedicated account management

Appointedd offers dedicated account management with a Customer Solutions Manager on hand to offer support throughout the implementation and training process. With a comprehensive and proven migration process, we can migrate any existing booking data from alternative providers to Appointedd quickly and efficiently, meaning you will never lose service or customer data and your system will be ready to use from the moment you go live. Our support has been called outstanding by our existing enterprise customers.