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Deliver incredible omnichannel experiences

Create an integrated offline and online user experience that is consistent, on brand, and empowers your customer to choose you. From first touchpoint to loyal customer, Appointedd creates a seamless, scalable omnichannel customer journey that converts and drives revenue.

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Smarter online booking software for retail

Thousands of retail consumers use Appointedd every day. Whether booking for an in person experience like personal shopping, or for fittings for everything from suits to bras, or in-store product launch events. Customers can also book for an online masterclass showcasing brand’s newest releases, or a 1:1 styling shoppable appointment. Increasingly, customers are demanding the option to do both. Omnichannel journeys that empower customers to shop when, where, and how they like to achieve high conversion rates and customer satisfaction.

Proven results

Charlotte Tilbury saw over 230% increase in booking numbers from Q1 to Q2.


A national retailer increased its average basket size by 300% per customer.

Once virtual services were introduced, online customer inquiries increased 360% at Space NK.

Appointedd is proud to power

Features for retailers

Customisable booking tools

Integrate Appointedd in a way that flows seamlessly alongside your existing online presence. You can personalize your booking tools and booking notifications with images, logos, and colors to match your website and reflect your brand.

Video conferencing

Appointedd has a variety of integrations and partnerships that allow our clients to schedule and host everything from meetings, to masterclasses and large capacity livestreams.

Automated communications via email and SMS

Set automatic, branded emails and SMS to confirm bookings, send reminders, and follow up communications after the appointment ends.

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A strong community of partners

Appointedd’s many partnerships extend our offering even further, and offer our clients more CRM, video conferencing, online payment and data management options.

Respond to market demands

Increasingly, shoppers are shifting their purchasing habits to be more digitally focused.

Just because your customers are choosing to shop online, does not mean they want to be left entirely alone. Our integrations allow you to engage your online shoppers and create a personalized shopping experience so that customers can purchase exactly what they want, from the comfort of their home, or can choose to schedule time in for a personal shopping appointment.

This hybrid approach empowers your customers, and has proven to increase engagement, personal shopping appointments and basket totals.

Improve staff efficiency

Data shows that our software can save a staff member 8 hours of manual admin a week. By introducing Appointedd, you can cut back on the amount of time your staff spends on admin while also reducing capacity for human error in your system. Our clients have found that Appointedd’s booking technology reduces operational costs by as much as 75% while increasing in-store efficiency by 35%.

You can easily grow with Appointedd

Our booking technology is scalable and easy to flex up when you need it. As you start on your Appointedd journey, you may have one specific use case in mind, but our clients appreciate how easy it is to add resources and calendars in our system if and when they need it. As your business grows, it’s good to know that nothing is too complicated for us to achieve. Our flexible API and wide variety of partnerships and integrations offer endless opportunities for our customers to find new ways to engage customers.

ROI Calculator 1

Ever wondered how much time your staff could save on manual scheduling? By using our ROI calculator, you can find out how much time, money, and resource your business will save by introducing Appointedd’s online booking tools for client scheduling.

We already work with some of the world’s best, including two of the Big 4 and leading Financial Services firms.

To use the calculator, just enter some basic variables, and we’ll tell you how much you could save with Appointedd.

Your Results

Reclaim your admin time

Save up to:

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Multiply your revenue

Generate an extra:

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£{[ (cust_call * calls_per_day / app_time) * 5 * 4 * 12 * app_cost | number:0 ]} per year

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