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Appointedd for Business Centers and Coworking Spaces

Manage your business center operations all in one place with Appointedd. Use your new system to manage your facilities, schedule tours, organise space bookings, allow attendees to book on to events and much more. See how Falkirk Business Center manage their operations with Appointedd.

In these support pages, you will find a wide selection of guides to help you in getting set up with Appointedd. You will also find guides to our more advanced features which lend themselves to managing your business center or coworking facility.  



Your resources will be the spaces and facilities you are making available to be booked by clients. This guide tells you how to add resources and edit the details.

Services and Categories

Services for business centers are the kinds of bookings available, so for example a full day booking, or a half hour tour. You can assign services to particular resources, so some rooms may be available to be booked out only for two hours at a time, but others may be available for eight. Services can be grouped into categories that make it easier for users to choose what they want..

Customer Relationship Management

In Appointedd, you can manage customer details, keep internal notes and past bookings and send booking confirmations and reminders by SMS and email.

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Open and Closed Group Bookings

There are two different kinds of group bookings you can use in the Appointedd system; this guide explains the difference between them and how to create each one. For business centers, you may want to use closed group bookings for meeting rooms, for example, and open group bookings for tours or events.

Online Payments

If your center takes bookings for spaces on a pay-as-you-go basis, for hot desking for example, then you might want to take payment along with bookings online. It's easy to do with Appointedd - this guide tells you how.

Embedded Booking App

If you want to take bookings from your business center's website, you can do so by creating a booking app. This guide takes you through creating, editing, and embedding the app just how and where you want it.

External Calendar Integration

If you want to be able to see bookings made through Appointedd on another calendar system, Google, iCloud, Outlook, Exchange, Office 365 etc., you can easily set this up in just a few clicks. This guide shows you how to do it.


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