Appointment Scheduling Software FAQs

Small business. Big questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have another question that you would like answered, please feel free to message our support team and we would be more than happy to assist.


Do I have to be tech savvy to use Appointedd?

Appointedd is for everyone. Special care has been taken to ensure the system is intuitive and as user friendly as possible. When signing up, you will be taken through a setup wizard so that you can hit the ground running. If you choose to embed the booking widgets onto your website it is as simple as copy and pasting. If you are unsure of anything you can find answers in our support guides, which can be accessed either from your Appointedd account or by searching in our Help Center. If you do require additional assistance we also offer 24/7 support in the form of a messaging service available within your Appointedd account.

Can I use Appointedd if I don’t have a website?

Yes! Regardless of the size of your business, Appointedd has an online booking solution. When you create an account you will be provided with a microsite that your customers can book your services from. You also have the option to display your business details on your microsite, things like business hours, contact details, and location, if you wish to treat it as a website rather than solely a booking tool. Your microsite will have a unique URL and so you can share it with your customers on social media, put it on your business cards, or in emails, helping to drive business.

How can online booking drive my revenue?

By offering your customers a fast and flexible service with the ability to interact 24/7 with your business, you are best placed to optimize the journey from discovery to booking. Appointedd makes your business bookable at any time of the day, from anywhere in the world, and from any device. Customers are empowered to create, modify, and cancel bookings directly, giving you more time to focus on doing what you do best, and automated confirmation and reminder messages help you slash no-show rates.

How does Appointedd pricing work?

Before you commit to anything, we offer our customers a 30-day free trial to try Appointedd for themselves. Only once the trial period has expired will you be asked to subscribe. We price our software in a bundling structure. A single bundle contains one bookable resource, one user login, and three booking widgets to place on your website. You can unsubscribe at any time, with the cancellation becoming effective at the end of the most recent billing period. Our prices are fixed at flat rates, ensuring that as we develop the product and release new features, these come at no additional cost. When opening an account you will receive 100 free SMS that you can use for automated communications. You can view further bundle and SMS pricing on our pricing page.

How secure and compliant is Appointedd?

Appointedd’s security is externally audited and complies with the most stringent security requirements. We are of course GDPR compliant and we are currently undergoing the process of gaining ISO27001 accreditation.

Can I take payments online?

Yes. You can integrate your Appointedd account with one of our payment processing partners; Stripe, Square, or Braintree. At the time of booking you can either ask for a deposit or the payment in full, and we won’t take commission on any booking. Appointedd also integrates with FreeAgent, allowing you to send invoices to customers. Eposnow and Square enable you to have an integrated appointment and electronic point of sale service. If you don’t wish to take a payment at the time of booking, you can request one at a later date. This will send the customer a link in which they can either pay a deposit or the full payment, depending on what you request.

Is Appointedd customizable to my business?

Absolutely. From adding your business colours to the booking tools, to adding your logo and banner images, Appointedd can be completely adapted to align with your branding, ensuring you are recognizable to you customers and stand out from your competitors. Appointedd was built to be flexible and meet the needs of any business.. Our open API allows you to immerse Appointedd within your existing software and business processes, streamlining your core business activity while adding a powerful booking engine.

Can Appointedd grow with my business?

Appointedd works with businesses of all sizes to provide them with a streamlined scheduling solution, so we are well experienced in adapting and transforming alongside your business. It could be as simple as adding additional staff members to your account or integrating with a new feature, however once your business reaches a certain size, we’d recommend our enterprise service. We can offer you a dedicated account manager to advocate for your business, prioritize its needs, and offer extensive data reporting.

How do we get customers to use the online booking tools?

You can have your account setup and ready to take bookings in as little as a few minutes. You can share links to your microsite or booking widgets on your social media and place multiple booking widgets on your website, either in the form of a book now button, or by embedding the widget into your website. You can also put the link to your booking tools on business cards, leaflets, and banners. If you still wish to allow bookings to be made by phone or walk-ins, then this is no problem as you can add a booking into Appointedd internally within your account.

How does the Appointedd CRM work?

When someone makes a booking with your business their details are automatically stored in your Appointedd account, so you can view the number of bookings they have made, the services they have booked, the status of their attendance from previous bookings, their contact details, and any previous communications. If you have a current customer database in another system, you can export this and import it into Appointedd so that all your data is together. With this information at your fingertips, you can offer each customer a unique experience and reduce frustrations by eliminating information silos.