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Consumers are seeking new ways to engage with their financial adviser. They want accessibility, transparency, and a tailored, personalised service. Appointedd will give you all of that. With real-time, 24/7 online booking, clients can book calls or a face to face consultations with convenience and flexibility.

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Compliance made simple

With the functionality to secure, monitor, and report on appointments, Appointedd can help you stay compliant with industry requirements. We automate the process of tracking and recording all client communications and appointments, allowing you to effortlessly comply with regulations such as MiFID II, KYC, and GDPR. Our technology also has market-leading security credentials and has been chosen over competitors on the strength of our security. So your data, and your clients’ data, is as secure as possible.

Online booking questions

Make the best use of your time with clients by getting the valuable information you need ahead of time.  You can add booking questions to ensure you gather all the information you can from clients prior to calls. You can make these optional or mandatory. Appointedd also allows you to add a link to your terms and conditions during the booking process.

Scalable Model and Evergreen Online Booking Web App

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Client management

Keep track of your clients, and your communications with them in our CRM.  You can capture the standard fields or add a custom field to get the information you require.

Powerful reports

View vital KPIs such as occupancy, productivity, revenue, and cancellations within your business reports. You can also review individual resource activity and reports on specific services, allowing you to keep your finger on the pulse of your whole business.

All Appointedd reports are exportable as CSV files, so that you can download, print, and store as necessary. The custom date range selection means you can access the archives of your reports at any time.

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Calendar sync

Sync your external calendar to Appointedd to receive and view appointments whilst you’re away from your desk or out for lunch. Any changes to appointments in your external calendar will reflect in Appointedd and vice versa, ensuring your availability is always in real-time.

Online booking system integrations

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