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Spend less time scheduling and more time managing your cleaning services. Appointedd is helping cleaning businesses switch to online booking, saving them time on scheduling to streamline operations and meet the increased demand of cleaning services.
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I can confidently say that it has been, without contest, the best tool I've used in my business so far. Streamlining the process of arranging client appointments, reducing missed appointments and receiving feedback from clients. I recommend Appointedd to every new business I speak to.

Alan & the Team

TaxAssist Accountants

Appointedd improved our customer management and also brought us a lot of publicity. Not only did we become more visible online, we were also interviewed by 3 newspapers as the first adopters of this kind of system in our region.

Valerio Coppola

Hobbeard Barbershop

We have had to close our doors to face to face teaching and I am trying to move to online for now. Your help is bloody amazing, thanks for that info, we are integrating zoom onto our website for online lessons.
You guys are amazing!!

Bridget Gray

Merlin Academy of Traditional Music

Take bookings 24/7

Appointedd’s flexible cleaning service scheduling software can be embedded into any web-enabled platform, allowing your cleaning business to take bookings from your website, social media pages, emails, or app. Our booking tools operate 24/7 and are built to handle an unlimited number of bookings, so your schedule stays open even when you’re closed – we help clients take 34% more bookings outside regular business hours. 

Save time on scheduling admin

With a cleaning service online booking system, your customers have the power to book with you directly. Not only does that put the customer in control, it means you have more time to spend doing your job. No more back-and-forth phone calls and emails trying to arrange an appointment. With Appointedd, your customers can simply go on your website, click to book an appointment, and select a cleaning service at a time that suits both parties. 

Get ready with a 14 day free trial. No credit card required.

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Get detailed information about jobs before you arrive

Appointedd allows you to add custom questions to the online booking flow, giving you the opportunity to gather information from customers before every cleaning service. You can ask for details like the size of the property, the number of rooms, or the overall condition, and have the customer fill in the information during the booking flow. This ensures you and your team have all the information you need to provide an excellent cleaning service for every unique job.

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Get booked weeks or months in advance

Appointedd’s booking tools connect with your cleaning service calendar, ensuring every customer booking automatically appears in your schedule. Take bookings for cleaning services weeks or months in advance, manage recurring bookings, and be more efficient with your time. You can take advantage of automated email and SMS communications to send reminders to customers when bookings get closer, and update them if anything changes. 

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Have intelligent software do your accounting for you

Appointedd partners with powerful software to make your life easier, including accounting software that streamlines you business operations. Our accounting integration covers everything from invoices to tax, and is designed to make dealing with finances for your cleaning service stress-free. Whether it’s creating invoices seamlessly from appointments in the diary or taking deposits and payments online, your balance sheet will automatically stay up to date with your online bookings, allowing you to get on with the task at hand. 

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Get ready with a 14 day free trial. No credit card required.

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