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Online booking software that grows with your business

Take online appointments for your lessons and classes using Appointedd's user-friendly booking system. Using online booking improves your effeciency, reduces no-shows, and allows you to make the best use of every available appointment slot. Our booking widgets can be easily added to your website or Facebook page, or you can make use of our free microsite.

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Great booking service. I use it for my craft classes I teach monthly, if I ever have a problem or question they are very quick in responding and helping me sort it out!

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Craft Classes

Appointedd Booking Software Team Efficiency

Book in-person or online group lessons

With Appointedd’s flexible software, whether you’re a tutoring business or a single tutor teaching via Skype or at students’ homes, you can deliver your courses on a one-to-one basis or take large group bookings. Set up the maximum number of participants for each lesson and create recurring classes, so for the next upcoming weeks you and your students are prepared for the lessons scheduled in advance.

Take payments online for lessons

Whether you’re providing a private one-on-one language lesson or an intense 10-week piano course, being able to offer services of different durations and prices is essential. Appointedd gives you the ability to set the duration and price of each service so you can take online payments, whether that’s a deposit or payment in full.

Appointedd Booking Software Online Payments

3 months free. No credit card required.

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Appointedd Online Booking App Direct Messages

Reduce no-shows with SMS marketing

You don’t want your students missing out on scheduled classes, so reduce those no-shows by setting up reminders and communicating with them through automated SMS or automated email. You can even include cancellation links to make newly free spaces available for other pupils to join.

Let students book their favourite tutor

Students may prefer a particular teacher and you may prefer to see the same student consistently in order to track their progression. Attach a photograph of yourself or any of your teaching staff and offer pupils the ability to select their preferred or assigned professor. When you’re off sick or on annual leave, Appointedd gives you the ability to add in breaks and days off, and easily drag and drop scheduled class bookings across to others if necessary. Efficiently manage and schedule your whole staff’s calendars from one central hub.

Appointedd Online Booking App Tutor Selection

3 months free. No credit card required.

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Online booking and Scheduling software

Book your classroom & avoid double bookings

Appointedd allows you to add rooms and equipment to your scheduled appointments, so if you only have one musical instrument or one interactive whiteboard you will never have to worry about double bookings. If you have multiple classrooms or designated teaching areas, you can coordinate their usage with other teachers effortlessly with Appointedd’s asset functionality.

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Our pricing is easily scalable and never increases based on the number of bookings you take or classes you have.  Simple set-up process will walk you through what you need to do to start taking online bookings. You can also read our support guide on how to best configure Appointedd for tuition and classes. 

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Online booking system integrations

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