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Saving time for busy barbers

With Appointedd you can manage haircut and styling appointments for your entire barbershop team. Use our mobile app to stay on top of your bookings and appointments when on the move. You can take bookings online and offline and use Appointedd exclusively as your diary, whilst having the option to sync with your existing calendar.

Valerio loves Appointedd

Appointedd improved our customer management and also brought us a lot of publicity. Not only did we become more visible online, we were also interviewed by 3 newspapers as the first adopters of this kind of system in our region.

Valerio Pio Coppola

Hobbeard Barbershop

Appointedd Online Booking Booking Flow

Reduce no-shows and cancellations

Help your customers remember their scheduled haircut with automated confirmations and reminders via email and SMS. On average 16% of bookings are canceled, but with Appointedd’s cancellation link in your automated messages, you can make sure any no-shows give you enough notice. Our cancellation functionality will allow you to refill the slot and maximize your revenue.

Manage walk-in appointments

Although we’re an online booking system, it doesn’t mean all your appointments have to be taken online. Take bookings over the phone and in-person, and simply add them to your Appointedd calendar internally. It takes 30 seconds, but if you don’t have that kind of time, just block it off in your calendar instead, to ensure you aren’t double-booked by clients who prefer to book via your website.

Scalable Model and Evergreen Online Booking Web App

Take online payments, set service durations and attach buffers

Appointments will vary in duration and price, from a wash, cut, and finish to a fresh beard or mustache trim. Our online booking system enables you to set up each service with tailored durations and prices (including discounts and offers), to allow you to take full payments or deposits online. Better yet, connect with one of our integrated point-of-sale systems and take payments in-person through your till as well as online.

Branding and social media for barbershops

Customers can tell a lot about your business just by looking at your brand. Drive customer engagement and loyalty by adding your brand image and coloring to your personalized booking flow. Appointedd gives you the ability to take appointments directly on your own web presence, e.g. your website, mobile app and social media sites like Facebook.  If you don’t have a website, Appointedd’s dedicated standalone booking microsite means you can start taking bookings online straight away, so watch as all your insta-barber bookings still come flying in.


Online booking system integrations

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