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The world's first multi-timezone scheduling software

The way we do business has changed. So why hasn’t the way we schedule meetings across timezones? Doing business across timezones can be tricky, and constant timezone math can lead to mistakes, frustration and missed meetings. Now you can take control of scheduling meetings and be bookable across timezones with Appointedd. And it’s really easy to integrate with your calendar too!

icon_0008_i-9.png Timezones simplified

Constantly on the move? You can be bookable in a different timezone every day. Simply set your regular working hours and we'll show your availability according to the timezone of any location.

No more "Is that 10am your time or my time?" Your clients see your availability in their timezone, so there's no region for error. Managing your schedule has never been easier.

icon_sync.svg Sync with your calendar

The only online booking system to offer two-way synchronization with all major calendars, Appointedd gives you an on-the-go overview of your schedule, no matter where you are or what timezone you are in.

Integrate Appointedd with any major online calendar to view your multi-timezone bookings right there in your usual calendar.

icon_seamless.svg Seamless booking solutions

Your schedule will be bookable online, on any platform, in any timezone. Save time for you and your clients. Make bookings available through your own personal microsite, your website or Facebook.

Simple, straightforward, immediate online bookings. Confirmations and reminders in your client's timezone. Eradicate timezone math with Appointedd. 

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