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Here you'll find everything you need to promote the Appointedd system anywhere you need to

Written content pack

This content pack contains official Appointedd copy, including long and short product descriptions, features of the Appointedd system, and benefits for businesses. The content provided here is perfect for using on a website, in emails... anywhere you like in fact!
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Case studies

Our case studies are longer, more in-depth customer profiles that tell the stories of some of the businesses we work with and how Appointedd helps them. Click the link to go to our case studies bank.
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Communication pack

Our reseller communication pack has been put together to give you a jump-start when it comes to promoting and advertising Appointedd. It contains templates for tweets and Facebook posts, and promotional images. You'll also find quick answers to some of the most common questions potential customers may ask.
Reseller communication pack


Download official Appointedd logos and promotional images for sharing wherever you please from these Google drive folders.
Appointedd logos
Social sharing images

If the marketing materials have worked their magic and you've got a live one, dive into our sales downloads.

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