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Appointedd and Maestrano

Say hello to simple, streamlined data

View your entire business at a glance by connecting Appointedd with Maestrano

Maestrano is a cloud-based platform that connects and consolidates all of your business applications. Our integration with Maestrano allows you to share data easily between all of the apps that you use to run your business.

Appointedd partner Maestrano allows you to sync the apps you use to make your business flow and connect those tools on one intuitive dashboard, giving you real-time data reporting.

Your business control center

Maestrano connects the best software solutions for small and medium businesses. In one single dashboard, you can access apps that have been carefully selected for quality, ease of use, and added value. Appointedd is proud to partner with the Maestrano platform and connect with a host of advanced tools.

Two-way data synchronization

No more manual data entry. Maestrano ensures the data across all of your apps is seamlessly updated.

Single sign-on

Simply sign in to Maestrano and you’re automatically logged in to all of the apps you use to run your business.

maestrano and appointedd