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Big prospect pitch, project squad meeting, walk-in visitor, last minute video-conference...
Your meeting rooms have seen this all. Why not to help them to deal with the pressure?
Businesses that love Appointedd

Our meeting room utilization has increased by 34% since starting to use Appointedd. We might need to find some more meeting rooms to handle all of the extra bookings!

Andy Gillen – Managing Director

Hudson House Business Centre

We use the system in a slightly different way to other businesses, which shows how flexible and user friendly Appointedd is.

Douglas Farquhar – Manager

Falkirk Business Hub

Appointedd understand our industry and have developed a solution that is closely aligned with the requirements of flexible workspace operators.

Frank Cottle – Founder

Alliance Business Centers

Booking Widget On Multiple Devices

A warm welcome to your visitors

Business relationships often start long before the first meeting. Whether it’s a website visit, introduction call, or online chat, your prospective client will remember the first interaction. Make it worth remembering.

Appointedd simplifies user journeys by allowing you to embed booking tools onto your website, mobile app, social media, or client portal. It’s not only about meeting room booking, it’s also about booking actual meeting. Take, amend, and manage all of your team’s bookings from one centralized app – in 14 different languages, across multiple timezones and locations.

Appointment Screen Software

Visitor management and CRM

Our built-in CRM helps your front desk and reception to plan ahead. With Appointedd your team is always aware who is coming and when, making your office a welcoming and secure environment.

Each of the booking slots has an editable, user facing label to succinctly describe the meeting. Bookings also have an arrival status, enabling you to mark events as completed, or report a no-show or the arrival of your guest. Internal notes are viewable by you and your team only, and are a great way of storing information securely.

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Intelligent communication

Send automatic meeting confirmation and reminders before the event, and follow-ups after. It’s up to you if you prefer to do this with email or SMS. Use Appointedd’s video conferencing integration to automate the distribution of Zoom links, and sync it with Google, Outlook, Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, or iCloud calendars.

You and your team can also send direct messages with updates, cancellations, or additional information to one or all event meeting attendees.

Smart Communications SMS And Email

Advanced reports

Reporting plays a crucial part in our meeting room booking system. Detailed reports help you to take data-driven decisions and understand how the space is used. We help you to manage space and resources more efficiently.

Learn which room, location, or space was the most or least occupied. Reports also show you the cancellation rate, communication usage, source of the booking, and many other metrics. Appointedd also tracks all changes made to the booking, offering your team with the highest level of transparency.

Business Reports

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Meeting room booking system integrations

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