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Connect Appointedd and Ento

Manage your human resources efortlessly with Ento’s workforce management software. Combine the functionality of Ento with Appointedd’s scheduling system to streamline your business.

When you integrate Appointedd with Ento, data such as employee details are shared between the two applications.

This means that when a staff member is added to Appointedd, their information will automatically appear in Ento, saving you time.

About Ento

Ento’s HR management software makes rostering, time sheets, and team communication easy. A single platform for HR, WFM & engagement, Ento enables enterprises to automate, engage, optimize, and succeed with their workforce.

About Appointedd

Appointedd’s online booking and scheduling software is an advanced, flexible time management solution for business at every level. Integrate Appointedd with a host of leading business tools for streamlined business management.

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