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For businesses looking to internationalize or work with clients on a global scale, Appointedd’s online booking and scheduling system is an essential tool. With first of its kind cross-timezone appointment setting capabilities and smart multi-language booking tools, Appointedd helps global companies connect to their customers around the world.

Speaking their language

Appointedd’s flexible and intuitive online booking tools can be accessed in multiple languages, including Chinese, Arabic, French, Italian, Japanese, German, and Spanish.

The language is automatically detected from the user’s device, or the customer can select their preferred language. Appointedd even remembers their choice for the next time they book with you. Offer the same seamless booking experience to customers no matter where they are.

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Appointedd Online Meeting Scheduler Multi Time Zone

Timezones made simple

Schedule calls and meetings seamlessly across timezones. Appointedd has the first truly multi-timezone scheduling functionality, with the flexibility to facilitate collaboration between teams in multiple locations and simplify scheduling for travelling staff. Team members can select timezone for a different day of the week, to take and manage bookings while travelling.

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Seamless implementation

With Appointedd’s cloud-based, easy to adopt solution that works with your existing systems, streamlining the operations of your global workforce can be achieved with minimal change management. Staff have the powerful digital tools they need to connect with customers across the globe from a single central system. Between our language selection tool and robust multi-timezone booking, Appointedd is the most comprehensive international solution available.

Online Booking System

Online booking system integrations

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