Digital transformation for financial services

How to further elevate your client experience and simplify operations instantly

Request your personalised presentation which will demonstrate innovative ways to improve client growth, drive retention, and stay compliant with regulations including

Inside your custom presentation, you’ll discover:

  • Why a digital approach is vital to driving client engagement and elevating your client experience.
  • How online booking will increase the number of new client enquiries and simplify client on-boarding.
  • How you can reduce operational costs, simplify client management and automatically create a digital audit trail for regulatory compliance.
  • Why offering an immersive online booking experience will enable you to become a digital leader in financial services.

Drive new client engagement

Our online appointment booking apps allow you to take appointments online 24/7 for new client enquiries, client meetings and appointments

Simplify MifiD II compliance

Appointedd automatically tracks and records all client information you need to stay compliant with regulations such as MifiD II, GDPR, AML, and KYC

Deliver the ultimate service

Improve the efficiency of your client communications without losing the human core of your company’s values with fast.

Build Client Loyalty

Reach out to existing clients according to past interactions, the current stage of the customer journey or even when their next consultation is due.