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Take your business to the next level with Appointedd’s multi-timezone, multi-language, and multi-currency scheduling system - work across the world effortlessly and open up your appointment book internationally.

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A global scheduling solution
Appointedd is a global solution for your business scheduling, with online booking tools that can operate in multiple timezones, currencies, and languages.
An international clientele
Enable clients and customers to book with you online, from anywhere in the world. Booking information and communications are automated in their local timezone and preferred language.
Work remotely, stay connected
Remote workers and international partners can set their local timezone and working hours, so you can schedule meetings accurately to keep connected.

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Revolutionary global scheduling

Appointedd’s first of its kind multi-timezone scheduling capabilities empower your business to expand reach and operations. Our booking system is equipped to handle bookings, calendars, customers, and employees from anywhere in the world.

Automatic timezone detection displays appointment availability for colleagues and customers based on their local timezone, and the timezone the resource is set to – no more confusing timezone math required! Appointedd also automatically accounts for timezone differences on booking communications, daylight savings, and international schedule availability. 

Mulitlanguage Scheduling


Communicate effectively with your international customers with online booking tools presented in their preferred language. Appointedd’s multi-language feature will help you to increase engagement and conversion on your international bookings.

When your customers make a booking with you online, the language they see automatically reflects the language of their browser. Customers can also choose whether to view the page in another language from within your booking tools. Appointedd currently supports 14 languages, which automatically apply to all pre-set text on your microsite and booking widgets. 


Set the currency you’d like to receive payments in easily with Appointedd. Once integrated with one of our payment gateways you can start processing online payments in the currency you choose.

Appointedd’s integrated payment partners are equipped to process multi-currency payment including GBP, USD, and EUR. Choose the currency that suits your business and pricing, this will then be displayed to all your customers no matter where in the world they are booking from. 

Online Payment
Multilocation Scheduling

Unlock international business

Appointedd empowers your business to operate on a global scale with everything you need to connect to international meetings, remote teams, and customers across the world. Our global meeting planner and automated timezone schedule empowers you to offer more flexible working opportunities to international talent and remote employees.

Your business needn’t be limited by location, with online booking tools that can communicate information and pricing effectively, you can also reach out to international customers. Expand your presence, engage customers where it counts, and increase bookings!

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