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Appointedd is helping businesses worldwide to adapt to fluctuating restrictions as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our online booking solution helps you to stay safe with Capacity Flex, virtual services, online payments, and so much more.

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Manage capacity
Implement safe social distancing easily with Appointedd’s Capacity Flex - set the maximum capacity of your permises.
Embrace virtual services
Offer virtual consultations, viewings, online tutoring, and video conferencing to reduce physical contact but stay connected.
Drive revenue online
Take payments online to secure bookings and generate revenue in advance of appointments.
Keep customers informed
Use automated communication to inform customers of your covid safety procedures as part of their confirmations and reminders.
Track customers compliantly
Record your customer’s personal data at the time of booking for a record of the flow of customers in and out of your premises.
Safe in store solutions
Take bookings for personal shopping appointments, click and collect slots, walk-ins, and more to keep your stores operating safely.

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Smart Capacity Flex

Make a safe return to business with smart scheduling features that manage your capacity in line with safe social distancing guidelines.

Appointedd’s unique Capacity Flex feature enables you to set the maximum number of people that can be on your premises at any one time, and will automatically reflect this in your booking availability.

Your settings can then be easily adjusted as restrictions change. 

Capacity Calculator
Appointment Buffer

Give your customers the confidence

As safety remains a huge focus amongst consumers, ensure you have everything in place to empower them to shop with you confidently. Appointedd’s scheduling solution enables you to customize your booking slots to allow for additional time before and after each appointment.

These buffers give you the perfect opportunity to clean surfaces and equipment, and keep customer contact to a minimum. Use your online booking tools to offer a range of services, from personal shopping appointments to click and collect pickup slots, and cater to a range of customer preferences. 

Connect virtually

Appointedd integrates with video conferencing software to enable you to connect virtually with your teams and customers. Our native integrations generates links automatically for booked meetings, consultations, or events and distributes them to all attendees to make it easier than ever to connect online.

Utilize virtual services for your workplace meetings, retail events and consultations, and tutoring and training. 

Virtual Consultation
Covid Test Online Booking On A Laptop

Covid secure bookings

Customize your booking flow to make your bookings more Covid secure and ensure you capture the right data for effective tracking. Include booking questions to find out if your customers or employees are experiencing any symptoms, and include your terms and conditions to be agreed to prior to booking confirmation.

Select which CRM fields are mandatory within your Appointedd settings to guarantee you get the covid secure confirmation you need. 

Take contactless payment online

Minimize contact with customers and clients at in person appointments with Appointedd’s online payment feature.

We integrate with a range of payment and PoS systems to make it easy for you to provide a safe, contactless way for your customers to pay, and to enable you to drive revenue from full payments or deposits for the bookings you take online. 

Appointedd Online Payments Integrations

Explore all covid safety features

Covid safety integrations

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