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Appointedd’s Capacity Flex feature is helping businesses everywhere deal with capacity and queue management in response to required social distancing measures. Control store, gym, and office numbers seamlessly while optimizing your capacity.

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Capacity management software
Appointedd Capacity Flex allows you to set the maximum capacity within your store, office, salon, or gym at any one time.
Optimize capacity
Booking availability is automatically displayed based on your set capacity, enabling you to optimize the space you have available.
A flexible, future-proof solution
Easily adjust your maximum capacity to flex with changing restrictions to maintain a safe environment now and in the future.

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A safe solution for all businesses

Capacity Flex by Appointedd ensures all businesses can maintain a safe environment for their customers, staff, and clients as more premises reopen. Retail stores, salons, offices, and gyms are using capacity management to ensure they are operating in line with distancing guidelines, while optimizing the capacity they do have to drive footfall and increase revenue streams.

Appointedd allows you to set your maximum capacity across your whole organization so even when customers are booking across a range of services, the maximum capacity you set will never be exceeded. 

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Stay Covid-secure

Safety is still paramount for everyone, even as restrictions begin to ease, so you want to ensure your customers and staff have the confidence to return to a new normality. Appointedd’s booking software makes managing capacity simple.

Our Capacity Flex calculator can help you to work out what your maximum capacity should be, based on the size of your premises and current guidelines. Once your capacity is set, you can comfortably open your doors again to a safe and socially distanced space. 

Flex with government guidelines

Appointedd’s capacity management tool is designed to enable your business to flex with changing safety measures and guidelines to help your business adapt quickly. The Capacity Flex feature is user-friendly and can easily be altered, or turned off altogether.

As social distancing and lockdown restrictions ease further you can increase your capacity to optimize bookings and space. Capacity Flex is a solution to future-proof your business with the ability to instantaneously increase bookings and drive revenue at the click of a button!

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Scanning QR Code

Manage queues effortlessly

Utilize QR technology to implement your own smart queue management system for walk-in customers. Appointedd Capacity Flex takes into account all bookings across all services and resources when checking against maximum capacity, so booking availability is always shown in real-time.

Create your own QR code that allows walk-ins to scan for immediate availability which they can then book and secure. Once you’re at capacity, the next available slot will appear for your customer to book if they wish. This empowers you to make the most of passing footfall and boost business, while staying safe. 

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