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Simplify how you communicate with your customers and staff with Appointedd’s smart comms for email and SMS. Customize comms to reflect your brand and booking information and automate booking confirmations, reminders, and follow-ups.

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Reduce no-shows
Enjoy more reliable bookings - our automated appointment reminders reduce no-shows by up to 67%!
Communicate your way
Select either email or SMS options for your comms and customize them to suit your brand, tone of voice, and booking types.
Covid-safe reminders
Ensure your business remains Covid-safe with clear booking reminders that outline your guidelines and safety measures.
Drive repeat business
Encourage repeat bookings with follow-up emails and SMS with a call to action and booking links.
Efficient schedule management
Use booking confirmations and reminders to update staff with a summary of all their upcoming bookings.

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Efficient email and SMS communications

Streamline how you communicate with your customers, clients, and teams with Appointedd’s smart comms. Appointedd supports both email and SMS communications so you can select which channel is better suited to your business, customer, and bookings.

Appointedd automatically generates booking communications for confirmations, reminders, and follow-ups – maintaining consistent touchpoints with your customers and saving you valuable time.

Booking Confirmation
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Increase booking attendance

Increase your attendance rate using our automated SMS and email appointment reminders. Appointedd reminds your customers of their booking within a set time frame to reduce the risk of a no-show appointment – by up to 67%!

Add a cancellation link to your reminders to outline your policy, and encourage cancellations in enough time to reschedule and fill availability. A secure, reliable calendar means you can confidently invest in the resources and staff required to cover your scheduled bookings.

Customize your communications

Appointedd ensures you are also communicating your brand to your customers with customizable emails and SMS messages. Edit your messaging to reflect your brand and tone of voice to engage your customers, set your subject lines, and set the sender name or email address.

You can also set the time frame of your reminders and follow-ups, to stagger communications how you want both before and after appointments. Additional booking information can also be added, for example location information and any health and safety requirements that will help improve your customer’s experience. 

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Mobile Appointment Scheduling

Build your brand

Follow-up with your customers and clients easily with Appointedd SMS and email automation software. Appointment follow-ups add an additional touchpoint to the booking process, increase brand engagement, and promote repeat business.

Use an appointment follow-up to thank your customers for their service and prompt them to leave a review or testimonial, or even add in your booking URLs to convert to a repeat booking and drive additional revenue. 

Simplify staff scheduling

Booking communications can also be used internally to communicate schedule overviews and updates to your staff. Confirmations and reminders make your staff aware of upcoming bookings and information to allow for planning and appointment preparation.

Our bundle communications feature ensures that recipients with multiple bookings in one day only receive one reminder with details of all bookings – a great way to provide your staff with a summary of their daily appointments.

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