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Appointedd software has been designed with scalability, customization, and future-proofing in mind. Our API and webhooks empower you to build a bespoke booking system that improves operations, efficiency, and results.

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Free of charge and flexible
Our API is completely free of charge for all of our customers, from SMEs to Enterprise. We do not charge for use of our API on top of our subscription fee.
Endless possibilities
Our webhook integration enables you to easily connect your data to a whole host of business tools to automate actions and save time.
A custom booking solution
Appointedd’s API makes our booking system flexible so you can create a customized solution to suit your visual and technical needs.

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Create a connected booking system

Our online booking system API works hard to simplify your scheduling to ensure your business operations are connected, efficient, and manageable.

With Appointedd, our booking system is tailored to suit your specific business needs – we can feed into your custom CRM, handle large amounts of data, and fit into your tech stack.

Appointedd webhooks can also integrate your bookings with useful apps to connect your business to the tools that make life easier.

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Booking Widgets

On brand booking

Create a customized booking form that is on brand and specific to your business requirements. Appointedd’s booking form API enables you to completely customize the look and function of your own booking form to reflect your brand and suit your needs and services.

Customize visual elements to blend seamlessly into your website and control the order and content of the customer’s booking journey to help maximize engagement and boost conversion where it counts. 

Integrate thousands of business tools

Appointedd’s highly connected booking software and smart webhook integration empowers you to optimize and streamline all aspects of your appointment scheduling. Our webhooks can be used easily with software such as Zapier to integrate your booking system with thousands of useful business tools.

Webhooks can be created for a range of events within Appointedd, including new bookings and new customers which will then feed information back to your preferred connected apps. Automate comms, secure leads, and manage data with maximum efficiency. 

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Online Training

Accessible booking system API

We aim to be a total booking and scheduling solution which is why our open appointment scheduling API is free to our customers – we never charge for API use on top of your subscription fee!

Suitable for all business types, as well as developers and web agencies, Appointedd gives you the ability to create an extension to your online booking software that meets your exact requirements.

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Booking system API integrations

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