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View a range of account activity efficiently with our comprehensive customer and booking records. See how your customers have engaged with your booking tools, filter activity searches, and view changes made by your team.

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Log all activity
Appointedd’s activity log enables you to review any activity made in relation to your users, resources, customers, and bookings.
Filter your searches
Filter your activity log to view only the information you need. Filter by date, activity, and specific customers or staff to view any changes made in relation to your search.
View customer engagement
See how your customers are using your booking tools and when and how cancellations are made.

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Search user activity efficiently

No more searching through email chains and sifting through notes to find the information you need – Appointedd keeps a log of all activity made on your account in relation to your users, resources, customers, and bookings.

The activity log can be accessed by account administrators and standard users to search a customer’s booking activity, cancelled bookings, activity on a set date, and so much more.

Activity Log
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View your resource activity at a glance

Appointedd provides you with an easy and user-friendly overview of your resources which can include individual staff members, rooms, and other facilities. Filter by resource to view how and when it is being used or booked and any changes that have been made.

The resource activity log also assists with team management and wider resource organization. Review if any changes have been made to a team member’s working hours, or if and when they have added days off to their calendar.

Streamline your customer service

Customer and booking information is easy to find within your Appointedd account, your log tracks all activity and can help you troubleshoot any booking queries or disputes. Review all activity by an individual customer to see when their booking was created, how it was made, and any cancellations.

If your customers require more information or there is an unresolved issue, you can also view specific bookings in your activity log to identify any changes made by your users for a full overview of activity.

Booking Confirmation

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Activity log integrations

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