Simple and safe scheduling for teachers, students, and visitors

Appointedd’s simple online scheduling suite helps your educational institution maximize visitors, centralize schedules across departments and faculties, and streamline blended learning for the safety of your staff and students.

Appointedd is proud to power:

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Online school scheduling software
Enable easy self-scheduling of appointments online, 24/7 - parent meetings, school events, facilities, open days, and more.
School safety made simple
Stay Covid compliant with bookable entry times to school facilities that help to manage capacity in line with guidelines.
Inventory management
Assign equipment to bookings for more effective and secure inventory management of expensive or limited equipment.
Accessible internationally
Global functionalities enable international students to access bookings, schedules, and remote learning across timezones.
User-friendly tools
Easy to navigate booking tools and automated notifications make Appointedd easy to use for all tech abilities.

Self-scheduled appointments

Enable your teachers, students, parents, and visitors to self-schedule for appointments easily online. Appointedd booking tools are accessible online, 24/7 via your website and shareable booking links.

Self-scheduling removes the manual admin required from your staff and administrators to schedule anything from usage of facilities, to student-teacher reviews and community events. With reliable, real-time schedule and capacity availability, appointments can be booked completely hassle-free.

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Maintain meaningful connections

Stay connected with students who are remote learning to maintain good student-teacher relationships and keep learning consistent. Appointedd’s native integration with Zoom and MS Teams makes it easy to connect virtually for lessons, tutor sessions, and catch-ups.

Our seamless scheduling solution empowers educators to record notes against booked sessions to stay informed and keep learning on track. Students can also select their preferred member of staff or regular teacher when booking appointments to encourage positive student-teacher relationships.

International student scheduling

Attract international students with user-friendly booking tools built to reflect the timezone and preferred language of the user. Prospective students in different timezones looking to find out more information, book a campus visit, or arrange an online consultation can view appointment availability in their own timezone – no need for confusing timezone math!

Booking tools and information also automatically reflect the language of the user’s browser, helping you to engage prospective students and encourage bookings. 

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Seamless blended learning

Returning to campus life requires significant change management, but with Appointedd’s automated schedules, students and teachers can transition safely and seamlessly.

Capacity Flex functionality allows you to set the maximum capacity of each department or facility to respect social distancing guidelines and manage footfall, giving everyone the confidence to return to campus life. For remote teachers and learners, Zoom and MS Teams are easily integrated with Appointedd, enabling automated online video scheduling, meeting links, and reminders. 

Manage equipment effectively

Ensure expensive or limited equipment is managed safely and effectively with an inventory management system that works with your education scheduling software.

Appointedd automatically assigns your inventory as assets to the relevant bookings so your students, teachers, and visitors are guaranteed the equipment they need. Assign a set quantity to each of your assets so that availability matches your inventory in real-time – avoiding equipment shortages and inaccurate inventory records. 

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Endless booking possibilities

Significantly reduce manual admin and save time for your university staff – online scheduling encourages students and educators to book any service or facility they need.

Appointedd enables all campus facilities such as desks, computers, classrooms, laboratories, libraries, gyms, and meeting rooms to be booked online reliably and quickly. For visitors and parents, meetings, facilities, accommodation, and events can also be booked online through an embedded booking widget on your website, or via links in your email marketing. 

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Stay safe with powerful reporting

Appointedd’s detailed data reports will help you understand and optimize operations across your school or higher education institution. Generate reports for booking and cancellations rates, communications, booking sources, and bookings by date, resource, or facility.

Our automatic digital audit trail also makes it effortless to stay safe in line with Covid-19 guidelines. For every booking, Appointedd keeps a GDPR compliant record of booking schedules and contact, helping you to identify and communicate with the right staff and students as part of any tack and trace operations. 

Booking Reports
Booking CRM

Enhance student engagement

Capture prospective students at the height of their interest – Appointedd’s CRM equips you with the information you need to deliver targeted marketing and services for enhanced engagement.

Customize CRM fields in your booking flow to gain vital information from prospective students interested in visiting or attending your school or university. Staff and teachers can also use booking notes to build more detailed student profiles, helping them to better meet the needs of their students.

Secure software for educators and students

With world-class security credentials, your data, your educators’ data, and your students’ data are all prioritized with Appointedd’s software for education organizations.

We are ISO 27001 certified and our automated systems ensure you comply effortlessly with international standards and regulations such as the GDPR. Account access and usage can also be managed easily within your organization – our varying user permissions enable you to easily monitor access to booking, staff, and student information.

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