Online booking system makes returning to university and campus life safe and simple

Manage social distancing, test and trace, avoid pinch points, and make all property and facilities including entry times bookable online

We know that the safety of students and staff is your top priority. Appointedd’s simple online appointment booking suite can help your higher education institution maximise property and facility usage, while minimising risk.

Return to campus safely and securely

Appointedd’s online booking and scheduling solution helps Higher Education Institutions of all sizes to flex the number of staff and students that are safely able to return to campus. The Capacity Flex functionality allows you to set the maximum capacity of each property and facility to respect current social distancing guidelines, manage footfall, and mitigate any unnecessary people traffic. Stagger arrival times and take control of pinch points like elevators, entrances, and exits with automatic buffers before and after each bookable time slot. All campus facilities such as desks, computers, classrooms, laboratories, libraries, accommodation, event spaces, gyms, and meeting rooms, can all be bookable online, 24/7 with ease and within budget.

Activity Log

Test and trace

Appointedd’s detailed data reports will play a crucial role in helping you understand the operations of your Higher Education Institution, and support government test and trace measures. Our automatic digital audit trail is triggered during every online booking, and keeps a GDPR compliant record of booking schedules and people traffic. Identify and communicate with appropriate staff and students during any test and trace operations. Reports also show you who is using what space or facility, booking and cancellation rates, communication usage, and the source of the bookings, empowering you to maximize your resources and easily adapt to future changes. 

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Schedule planning made easy

Returning to campus life requires significant change management – let Appointedd automate schedules for a frictionless transition. New protocols for social distancing, deep cleaning and sanitisation require a managed approach to capacity utilisation. Staggering staff and student schedules via online booking will reduce the number of people entering the campus or taking the lift at one time, which is imperative to protecting staff and students. Appointedd’s sanitization buffers intelligently assists you to eliminate unnecessary human contact, prioritize safety, and build trust as you make a return to campus life.

Appointments for safety

Adapt quickly to changing guidelines

Appointedd gives your Higher Education Institution the ultimate flexibility on how, when, and how often staff and students use property and facilities. Appointedd’s real time availability engine takes into account the current occupancy of each space, desk station or meeting room during the online booking process, so the user is only shown times which can accommodate them. During the booking process, a digital audit trail is automatically triggered enabling you to keep a compliant record of booking schedules, which will also assist with your test and trace methods. If social distancing guidelines change over time, you can simply flex your maximum capacity within Appointedd to allow more or less people in the space and within pinch points at one time.

Appointedd’s Capacity Flex solution is ready at the flick of a switch, empowering your institution to be ready for whatever comes next.


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