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Maximize attendance of your virtual and in-person tours and grow revenue with 24/7 online booking

Online Booking Software For Appointments

Tour booking made easy

Appointedd allows your visitors to see real-time availability and can book their virtual or in-person experiences online in just a few clicks. Our flexible platform allows your tours, activities or events to be offered at regular intervals, or only at specific times on certain days. You can even take payment at the time of booking, reducing admin and allowing your staff to focus on delivering the ultimate experience you’re known for!

Instantly boost attendance

Online booking promotes your activities and boosts attendance – one of our clients has reported a 360% increase in engagement! Appointedd’s booking widgets also achieve 98% conversion rates, giving you a proven call-to-action that increases engagement from your website or social media, effortlessly. Attract more visitors online and in-person, sell-out more activities and watch your revenue grow!

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Offer different tiers and price points

Tiers and price points allow you to offer your customers different options when booking onto the same tour. Our multi-tier feature works perfectly for group tour bookings where you offer add-ons, upgrades, and specialized pricing options like concessions. With this functionality, you can seamlessly manage a tour with multiple tiers, and offer every customer a personalized experience. 

Discover how Ardnahoe Distillery streamline 19 bookable experiences in one day

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Engage with a global audience

Welcome international visitors from the moment they land on your website. Appointedd’s booking tools are available in multiple languages and even auto-detects the local language and timezone of the person making the booking, based on their browser settings. Connecting with customers from around the world has never been easier.

Stay in touch

Trigger automated confirmations and reminders to send via text or email – this will boost your attendance without the legwork. Automated comms are highly customizable, allowing you to include all the info your customers need for your bookable activity and to maintain your branding throughout the customer journey. Automated reminder emails have proven to reduce no-shows by 67%.

Powerful CRM

With Appointedd’s custom questions, you can ask any important questions at the time of booking and see all the details stored in customer records. Age, interests, fitness level: whatever you need to know to give exceptional service from the moment your guests arrive.

What can you do with Appointedd?
Build customer loyalty with improved service and highly tailored experiences
Attract more visitors with quick, convenient online booking for tours and events
Personalize the customer journey with essential customer information stored in the CRM suite
Reduce costs and grow revenue by taking payments and deposits online
Differentiate the brand from competitors with advanced, progressive online tools
Drive repeat visits with automated marketing