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Empower your employees to work safely with the tools they need to support customers. Save time on admin and embed Appointedd’s scheduling and engagement software across your organization - you will not only survive, but thrive in the future landscape of professional services.

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Ever wondered how much time your staff could save on manual scheduling? By using our ROI calculator, you can find out how much time, money, and resource your business will save by introducing Appointedd's online booking tools for client scheduling.

We already work with some of the world’s best, including two of the Big 4 and leading professional services firms.

To use the calculator, just enter some basic variables, and we’ll tell you how much you could save with Appointedd.

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Multiply your revenue

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A simple digital solution
Future-proof business and transform your services - online booking 24/7, real-time scheduling, virtual events, and more.
Effortless compliance
Appointedd automatically stores data compliantly against individual client records, in line with the GDPR.
Meet across timezones
Schedule meetings across timezones with global scheduling that automatically detects user location and language.
Streamlined integration
Appointedd integrates with the best business tools as well as your existing systems for efficient implementation.
Automated client comms
Maintain client touchpoints effortlessly with automated email and SMS notifications sent throughout the booking journey.

Digitally transform with Appointedd

The future landscape of consulting and professional services requires online accessibility, transparency and a reliable, client-centric service. With Appointedd’s real-time scheduling and engagement technology, clients can book calls, video consultations or virtual events online 24/7 – safely engaging from home. Remove the tireless work of manual scheduling and automate it via Appointedd. 78% of leaders are turning to cloud-based tools to assist them with the enhancement of their digital operations, you can too! Book a call with our team to explore how Appointedd can work for you.

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Compliance made simple

Appointedd works with two of the Big Four global accounting firms to automatically track and record all the information their organizations need to stay compliant with regulations such as GDPR, MifiD II,  AML, and KYC. This includes dates, times, attendees of meetings, as well as records of all automated communications with clients. All details are compliantly stored against individual client records for a complete and automatic digital paper trail. Information gathered through Appointedd also integrates with your calendar, CRM, and existing systems for improved operational efficiency throughout your organization.

World-class security

Appointedd’s technology has market-leading security credentials and our scheduling solution has been chosen over competitors based on the strength of our security. Appointedd is ISO 27001 certified, which relates to how we manage our own business data, how we manage your client data, and how we handle the data associated with our client’s customers. ISO 27001 is an internationally recognized security standard and is a mark of how seriously we take your data security.

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A global solution

With Appointedd’s first-of-its-kind functionality, every consultant in your team can operate in a different timezone, independent of the business and the rest of the team. Appointedd’s booking tools remove the need for confusing timezone math and language barriers. Simply set regular working hours and we’ll show your availability according to the user’s local timezone and language. No more “Is that 10 am your time or my time?” Your clients see your availability in their timezone. Managing your working-from-home schedule – wherever that may be – has never been easier.

Invest in productivity

Drive business forward and safeguard for the future by using Appointedd’s evergreen cloud-based technology to offer digital professional services. Appointedd transforms the traditional in-person appointment into multiple automated digital touchpoints. Enable clients to book any service online 24/7, and automatically trigger confirmation and reminder emails or SMS and create a compliant digital audit trail. Empower your employees to work safely and efficiently with the tools they need to support customers and save up to 8 hours per week on manually scheduling.

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Mobile Booking App

Reach your clients, wherever they are

Mobile consulting services are no longer an add-on, they’re necessary. Many global professional services organisations are struggling with the lack of mobile and digital solutions for clients to interact from home. Appointedd’s booking tools are mobile responsive and can be incorporated into any web-enabled platform for a safe and convenient way for clients to engage. Appointedd’s mobile companion app enables you to manage bookings, customers, and resources directly from your mobile. All your customer records are stored in the app, making it easy for you to connect and take bookings when it’s time to move.

Automate with a personal touch

Reduce operational cost and improve operational efficiencies with one company-wide booking and engagement platform. Appointedd keeps your client communications at the heart of what you do without losing the human core of your organization’s values with a user-friendly experience. Appointedd automatically triggers emails and SMS with customized content to clients, making it seamless to follow up and keep in touch during this testing time. With customer notes, you can make a record of any information you need to provide a truly personalized service.

Online Booking System On Many Devices
Appointedd Online Meeting App Team Calendar Sync

Integrate with your existing systems

Appointedd has a two-way integration with all major calendar systems, including Outlook, Exchange, Google, Apple, and Office 365, so there’s no need to make more changes to how you and your team manage your schedules from wherever you are. By connecting your existing calendar to Appointedd, only available times are bookable and creating custom rules allows you to ensure you’re only booked when you want to be.

With over 30 integrations with leading business management applications, from CRM to HRM and much more, your digital transformation can be fast and simple. Appointedd works with your existing tools, shares information, and saves time all while you maintain the quality of engagement with your clients.

Appointedd’s API and Webhooks also provides a deeper level of integration with your existing systems, allowing for seamless connections with minimal change management required.