Online Booking System FAQs

Appointedd's Compliance and Security


Is Appointedd cloud-based?


Where is Appointedd hosted?

Appointedd’s infrastructure is hosted on Amazon Web Services, in eu-west-1 (Ireland) and is hosted across three physically segregated data centres to provide redundancy.

Systems within our infrastructure are designed to be distributed and make use of elastic scaling, allowing us to scale up our services to meet increasing traffic automatically.

Is Appointedd compliant with GDPR?

Absolutely! To help you manage your obligations to GDPR, we have updated our systems and processes to ensure that we are not only compliant ourselves, but are providing functions that aid our customers in their GDPR compliance.

To see how Appointedd complies with GDPR, download our free guide.

Who owns the customer data I gather through Appointedd?

You do. Appointedd acts as a data processor and you are the data owner. You can read more in our privacy policy.

How do I integrate Appointedd with my CRM system?

We have some natively built integrations, like Salesforce, and our customers use our API and webhooks to build custom integrations into their own systems.

Will I be charged for using the API?

No, we don’t charge our customers to use our API. All you need to be able to access your API token is an active Appointedd account.

Can I use webhooks?

Alongside our API, we have webhook functionality which allows us to send webhooks to your systems. These webhooks are related to the booking and the customer information.

You can read more about setting up webhooks here.

What is the difference between webhooks and the API?

Webhooks push information to your systems and are triggered by events in Appointedd. They are reactive.

The API is proactive, and allows customers to access Appointedd from their servers.

I have more questions, who can I speak with?

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What is your approach to software development?

Appointedd is a cloud-based software system which means we can easily roll out features and security updates to your system automatically and instantly, without incurring any system downtime or maintenance costs.

These updates are rolled out on an ongoing basis. Your system will automatically receive the latest product enhancements and performance boosts for free, meaning you will never need to pay extra to update to the latest system version.

This also ensures protection against the latest regulatory changes, such as GDPR. When regulations like this come into effect, you can rest assured your Appointedd system will be updated automatically to ensure you can be compliant.

Our software engineering team follow best practices and processes that endeavor to ensure all deployments are backwards compatible, and we have the ability to roll out changes slowly to better monitor the impact on users. This allows us to constantly iterate on the product in a safe and secure manner.

How do I sync many calendars at once?

Connecting multiple calendars at once
For enterprise-level organizations who have a managed exchange server, we offer a secure and seamless way to sync many calendars at once. Through our partnership with Cronofy, we offer Enterprise Connect.

By syncing directly to your managed exchange server, we can perform a single sync in a matter of minutes by authenticating with an exchange service account, giving you control of which of your organization’s calendars we have access to. Enterprise Connect works with calendar services hosted by Google Apps for Business, Microsoft Exchange, or Microsoft Office 365.

Is that secure?
We understand that calendar and data security will be of huge importance to you and your organization. That’s why the security of calendars, and all associated data, is one of Appointedd’s top priorities.

Enterprise Connect allows service providers access to all calendars in an organization in one go. Using Enterprise Connect, the administrators of that organization’s calendar service retain full centralized control over who is accessing their calendars.

This allows organizations to benefit from the efficiency of connected calendars without compromising on security or control.

Sounds good – how do I set this up?
In order to use Enterprise Connect to access an organization’s calendars, the administrator of the calendar service will click a button or be sent a link from your service. They will then follow a process of entering the details of their calendar service and granting access to their calendars.

Once access is granted, Appointedd will be able to access all calendars marked as accessible. When that organization’s users log in to your service their calendar will already be connected.

New users who have joined the organization since the service was connected will find their calendar automatically connected.

Administrators can deauthorize access to the calendars of their organization at any time.

If you would like to use our Enterprise Connect functionality – book a call with one of our specialists who can talk you through the next steps.